Everything You Need to Know About Move to iOS

What is Move to iOS app? How to use Move to iOS? How to fix Move to iOS problems? Follow this ultimate guide to find all answers.

What is Move to iOS App

Move to iOS is the first Android app developed by Apple Inc. It was announced at the company's Worldwide Developers Conference in 2015. The original intention of Apple lunching it is to help more and more Android users, who plan to have iOS devices, iPhone, iPad, iPod touch, transfer data from Android to iOS.

How to Use Move to iOS

Apple declare everything about iOS is designed to be easy. That includes switching to it. With just a few steps, you can migrate your content automatically and securely from your Android device with Move to iOS app. No need to save your stuff elsewhere before switching from Android. You probably can’t wait to try it. But how to use it exactly? This part will tell you every single detail.

  • Instruction to This App

    Before using Move to iOS to transfer data from Android, you need to know that it only runs on Android version 4.0 or later. For iOS devices, it supports iPhone 5 or later, iPad 4th generation or later, iPad mini 2nd generation or later, iPod touch 6th generation with iOS 9, iOS 10, iOS 11. For more instruction about Move to iOS, you can also refer to this guide for answers: Instructions about Move to iOS App >

  • What Data It Transfers

    Move to iOS is able to move almost all kinds of Android data to iPhone iPad iPod touch, such as Contacts, Message history, Camera photos and videos, Web bookmarks, Mail accounts, Calendars, etc. For more details, the topic page What Does Move to iOS Transfer can be your best choice.

  • How to Use it on Device

    The process of using Move to iOS is pretty simple: Tap Move Data from Android > Open the Move to iOS app > Wait for a code > Use the code > Choose your content and wait > Set up your iOS device > Finish up. This is just a simplified and summary passage, and for detailed operation at each step, we also prepare for a page for you: How to Use Move to iOS on iPhone/iPad/iPod >

  • How Long Does It Take

    Many users are concerned about how long Move to iOS would take when transferring data from Android. Honestly the time cannot be a exact number. Because it depends on many things, such as the amount of data, network speed, Wi-Fi stable or not, etc. For more information about how long Move to iOS takes, you can also visit here.

  • How to Get Its Code

    Another question users ask frequently is how to get the code for Move to iOS. For this problem, How to Get Code for Move to iOS page must give what you want.

Move to iOS Reviews

Before using Move to iOS to transferring data from Android, you probably wonder how exactly Move to iOS is, what it is good at, whether it has any defects, or it is the best way to transfer data from Android to iOS. No need to tangle with these question any more, because you can follow the Move to iOS Reviews to what Move to iOS advantages and disadvantages are, and whether it can be your choice.

Move to iOS Problems and Fixes

When we transfer data from Android with Move to iOS app, there is certain possibility of Move to iOS not working with various symptoms, such as Move to iOS unable to migrate, Move to iOS no code, Move to iOS slow, etc. But don’t worry, and you can refer to How to Fix Move to iOS Not Working. Or read on, and look for the specific problem you have encountered and corresponding solutions in the following.

Alternatives to Move to iOS

If Move to iOS has some defects you cannot stand, or brings some problems you cannot fix, but you are eager to transfer data from Android to iOS devices, you can choose some other Move to iOS alternatives to help you. With them you can also achieve your goal. But what are they? Please refer to this post: Alternatives to Move to iOS >

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