How to AirDrop from iPhone to Mac (iMac and MacBook Included)


Don’t know how to AirDrop photos, videos or some other files from iPhone to Mac? This guide will tell you how to make it, also offer you some tips to fix the issue “can’t AirDrop from iPhone to Mac".


July. 6, 2017


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AirDrop from iPhone to MacBook –

AirDrop from iPhone to MacBook –

AirDrop is a service that Apple added to iOS and Mac devices to share files since iOS 7 and Mac OS X lion (10/7). By using Wi-Fi and Bluetooth, AirDrop enables you to transfer files from iPhone to MacBook in a wireless way. This post tells you how to use AirDrop to transfer files from iPhone to Mac and shows you some common problems you may meet when using AirDrop.

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Part 1. AirDrop from iPhone to Mac

Normally, it is pretty simple to share files from iPhone to MacBook/MacBook Pro/iMac after turning on AirDrop on both of your iPhone and Mac computer. Follow the steps below to see how to turn on AirDrop from iPhone and Mac and then AirDrop iPhone to Mac.

Step 1. Turn on Airdrop on iPhone

Generally speaking, AirDrop would be automatically turned on if you have turned on your Bluetooth and Wi-Fi on your iPhone. If not, here are detailed steps to turn on AirDrop on iPhone.

1. Sweep up from the bottom of your iPhone's screen to open Control Center.

2. Tap on AirDrop to turn it on.

3. Select Only Contacts or Everyone.

How to AirDrop from iPhone to Mac - Turn on AirDrop on iPhone

How to AirDrop from iPhone to Mac - Turn on AirDrop on iPhone

Step 2. Turn on AirDrop on Mac

Turning on AirDrop on Mac is also quite simple, please follow us and make it.

1. Open a Finder window and choose "AirDrop" from the sidebar.

2. Check the box of "Allow me to be discovered by:".

3. Select either "Everyone" or "Contacts Only". Please note that always keep the Finder window open as it enables AirDrop.

How to AirDrop from iPhone to Mac - Turn on AirDrop on Mac

How to AirDrop from iPhone to Mac - Turn on AirDrop on Mac

Step 3. AirDrop from iPhone to Mac

1. Wait a few seconds then the Mac with AirDrop enabled will appear in the list.

2. Tap on that Mac/User ID to immediately start sending data to the Mac.

Part 2. Problems You May Encounter When Using AirDrop

There are some problems that you may encounter when you AirDrop from iPhone to MacBook, including AirDrop not showing up in Control Center, can’t AirDrop music, Mac can't find iPhone and so on. If you encounter one of them, please keep reading, you can find the solution.

1. AirDrop not showing up in Control Center.

Some iPhone/iPad users reported that they couldn’t find AirDrop in Control center. Actually, it’s just a common issue that can be easily fixed. Just got to Settings app and find Restrictions item to allow AirDrop service running on your iPhone.

2. AirDrop not showing up in finder.

There are only specific Mac models that could be compatible to use AirDrop. If AirDrop doesn't show up in finder, maybe it is the Mac you have is not compatible with AirDrop. Below is the list of Mac models which support AirDrop.

MacBook Pro (Late 2008 or newer), MacBook Air (Late 2010 or Newer), MacBook (Late 2008 or newer, iMac (Early 2009 or newer), Mac mini (Mid 2010 or newer), Mac Pro (Early 2009 with Airport Extreme card or Mid 2010).

As for other Mac computers, as long as the Mac is vaguely modern with a somewhat recent Mac OS or Mac OS X release that has Bluetooth, AirDrop works just fine without hassle.

3. Mac can't find iPhone.

If Mac can't find iPhone, please try to restart both devices. If not working, then make sure AirDrop is set to "Everyone" instead of "Contacts Only".

4. Can’t AirDrop Music.

This is one problem that you cannot solve because Apple doesn’t allow you to share music directly from iPhone to another place via AirDrop. The file types that you can share via AirDrop are limited actually. AirDrop only supports sharing photos, videos, locations, under this circumstances, you can use a professional transfer tool, such as AnyTrans – transfer 20+ file types.

5. Some other problems.

You may drop into some other troubles when using AirDrop. You can read our previous post, AirDrop Not Working, which shows you some basic tips to fix issue of AirDrop not working on your iPhone.

Part 3. AirDrop Alternative to Transfer More iOS Content to Computer

As shown above, the file types that you can share between iOS device and Mac computer via AirDrop are limited. AirDrop only supports sharing photos, videos, locations. If you want to share data like music, contacts, notes from iPhone to Mac, here is a better option - AnyTrans which allows you to transfer or backup iOS contents from iPhone to computer and also fitted with other features like:

1. AnyTrans supports transferring 20+ kinds of data from iPhone to computer, like music, contacts, photos, videos, notes and so on.

2. AnyTrans transfers data with fast speed. It would only take 5 minutes to transfer 3000 photos.

3. Besides transferring data from iPhone to computer, AnyTrans also supports transferring data from computer to iPhone, transferring data between iOS devices and even transferring media data like music, videos between iOS device and iTunes Library.

4. AnyTrans is developed by an Apple certificated developer and also Norton and McAfee secured, this means there is no risk of information leakage.

5. AnyTrans is easy to operate. Both of basic and advanced users can use it without any problem.

AnyTrans Overview

AnyTrans Overview

For detailed steps, please refer to How to Transfer Data from iPhone to Mac >

The Bottom Line

That's all for how to Airdrop from iPhone to Mac and the introduction of an Airdrop alternative - AnyTrans. If you find this post helps, please give this article a like or share it with others. By the way, AnyTrans can actually help you more, like transferring data from iPhone to iPhone or transferring data from computer to iPhone. Why don't you download it and have a try?

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