How to Delete Multiple Songs in iPhone iPad iPod with/without iTunes

Can I delete multiple songs/playlists from my iPhone at a time? Yes, just read this post to make it with or without iTunes.

Author Avatar Joy Taylor Last Updated: Jan. 19, 2022

Getting rid of some playlists that you don’t interested in or some useless duplicate songs on iPhone music app is one good way to free up the limited storage of your devices. However if you have tried to delete music on iPhone/iPad, you would find that you have to delete songs one by one, which is a little difficult – especially when you have so many songs you plan to get rid of. So is there some simple way to make it?

Actually, there is no easy way that Apple provided for you to directly 1-click remove multiple songs from iPhone on its Music app. If you want to delete more than one song or one playlist at a time, you have to use iTunes or some iTunes alternatives. So in this post, we provide two methods below to help you make it.

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Method 1. Delete Multiple Songs on iPhone without iTunes

If you have no iTunes library on your computer, you can use third-part software – AnyTrans, to manage your iOS devices on computer and get rid of multiple songs at once, which is simple and quick.

With this tool, you can even selectively delete songs, messages, notes, contacts and other 10+ types of files on your iPhone/iPad. Now, download AnyTrans and follow the steps below to delete the items you don’t want.

Free Download

Free Download

* 100% Clean & Safe

Free Download * 100% Clean & Safe

Step 1. Install and run AnyTrans on computer > Connect your device to the computer by using a USB cable > Choose “Device Manager” mode, and then click on the “Music” category.

Delete Multiple Songs on iPhone with AnyTrans - Step 1

Delete Multiple Songs on iPhone with AnyTrans – Step 1

Step 2. Select the songs you want to delete > Click on the “Delete” button to remove the selected music from your iPhone. Or you can click on the Select All button to check all your music on iPhone to delete.

Delete Multiple Songs on iPhone with AnyTrans - Step 2

Delete Multiple Songs on iPhone with AnyTrans – Step 2

Note: this method won’t erase any songs on your iTunes on computer.

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Method 2. Remove Multiple Songs from iPhone/iPad/iPod with iTunes

If you always keep your Music app files in sync with your iTunes on computer, you can use this method to remove unwanted songs. It is simple, but you’ll lose the songs on both your iTunes and iOS devices.

Step 1. Open iTunes on computer > multi-select unwanted songs > delete the songs.

Step 2. Sync songs to your iOS devices.

The Bottom Line

Removing iOS devices’ songs by using iTunes or AnyTrans could be easier than deleting them one by one on your devices. And if you want to delete some other items, such as contacts and messages, you can also use the methods above to help yourself.

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