How to Bypass Android Lock Screen Without Reset

How to unlock Android phone pattern lock without factory reset? In this post, we will show you 4 ways to help you solve how to bypass Android lock screen. Let’s check it.

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DroidKit – Bypass Lock Screen Android 1-Click

When you forget a phone screen password, download DroidKit to 1-click bypass the lock screen without a password, pattern lock, pin code, fingerprint, etc. No skills are needed. Supports all Android devices such as Samsung, LG, Xiaomi, Huawei, etc.

Nowadays, to better protect personal privacy, pay security, or something like that, Android phones enable users to set passwords or fingerprints to lock their devices. However, you may fail to unlock your Android phone if you forgot your lock password, or you can not open the old phone or broken phone.

First, you can reset the phone lock password by hard resetting your phone, but a full factory reset means wiping it clean of any data. To avoid losing data, it would be nice if you could bypass Android lock screen without a factory reset. Here in this guide, we will share the ways to help you do Android lock screen removal even without losing data. Just keep reading and find out how to unlock your phone when you forget the password.

1. How to Bypass Android Lock Screen without Any Password Directly [Safe & Easy]

To unlock forgotten passwords, like PIN, or pattern lock, we will first recommend DroidKit – Android Phone Toolkit, a complete Android solution that can unlock a locked Android phone with just a few clicks. And it has helped millions of users bypass its locked screen without any skill difficulties. And you can Check its features below:

Key Features:

  • You can use it to bypass any Android screen lock, like digital passcode, pattern, PIN, fingerprint, face recognition, etc.
  • Only a few clicks and minutes are needed. No technical knowledge requirement.
  • You don’t need to root your device, so your privacy will not be leaked at all.
  • You can unlock any phone password, including 20,000+ models of Android phones & tablets like Samsung Galaxy, Huawei, Xiaomi, Sony, etc.
  • Besides, DroidKit gives you more options to recover data after factory resetting your device, a Google account, etc. And you can also use it to bypass Google verification.

Free Download

Free Download

* 100% Clean & Safe

Free Download * 100% Clean & Safe

To Learn How to Bypass the Android Lock Screen:

Step 1. Run DroidKit on the Computer.

Get the latest version of DroidKit for free on your Mac or Windows PC > Connect your Android device to the computer with USB cable > Select Screen Unlocker.

Choose Unlock Screen Function

Choose Unlock Screen Function

Step 2. Prepare Configuration File.

DroidKit will prepare the configuration file for your device. Once prepared, you can tap on Remove Now to continue.

Click Remove Now Button

Click Remove Now Button

Step 3. Put the Device into Recovery Mode.

Follow the on-screen instructions to put your device into recovery mode and wipe cache partition on your device. And the lock screen removal process will start immediately.

Confirm Locked Device Brand and Continue

Confirm Locked Device Brand and Continue

Step 4. Successfully removed the locked screen.

Wait for a while, and you will see the Screen Lock Removal Completed page as below.

Lock Screen Removal Completed

Lock Screen Removal Completed

When the locked screen was removed, your device would restart automatically. Now, there is no password for your Android phone, you can do anything you like with your phone. You can restore data from your Google account, from an SD card, or SIM card with ease.

Now you may know how to bypass screen lock without factory reset. If you failed with the above ways, you can also read on to try other methods below.

2. How to Unlock Android Phone Pattern Lock without Factory Reset

Many users ask: how to unlock Samsung phone pattern lock without factory reset? It is not as difficult as you think. If your Samsung or other Android phones run Android 4.4 or earlier system version, there is a feature called Forgot Pattern. With this feature, you can also make Android bypass lock screen. And let’s see how to unlock Android phone pattern lock without factory reset in this way.

To unlock a phone with Forgot pattern:

  1. After you’ve tried to unlock your phone multiple times, a window pops up saying “Incorrect pattern”. And tap “Forgot pattern”.
  2. Select the Enter Google account details option.
  3. Enter the Google Account username and password you previously added to your phone.
  4. After sign in, you will receive an email to that account where you can draw a new pattern passcode, or you can directly remove a new pattern lock for the device.
Bypass Android Lock Screen Using Forgot Patter

Bypass Android Lock Screen Using Forgot Patter

3. Unlock an Android Phone without Reset Using Find My Device

Find My Device is another way to unlock a phone without resetting. Because it is an application and service provided by Google to remotely trace and locate Android devices using a map. Fundamentally, you can use it to look up the current or last GPS location of any Android device associated with that particular Google account. It lets you remotely track, lock, and erase the lock screen phone.

But you need to note that your Android phone should run Android 7.1.1 or older. Here are the steps on how to bypass the Android lock screen:

Step 1. First, locate your phone on Find My Device.

Step 2. Then tap Lock > And enter a message and phone number to display on the lock screen and tap Lock.

4. Bypass Android Lock Screen without Reset Using ADB

You can check this way to bypass Android lock screen without reset if you once enabled USB debugging on your Android phone. Here is what you need to do to solve how to bypass Android lock screen.

  1. Connect your Android phone to your computer.
  2. Open a command prompt window in your ADB installation directory.
  3. Type “adb shell rm /data /system /gesture.key”, then click Enter.
  4. Reboot your phone, and the secure lock screen will be gone.
How to Unlock Android Phone Password without Factory Reset Using ADB

How to Unlock Android Phone Password without Factory Reset Using ADB


  • This method is relatively time-consuming.
  • This method only works if your phone’s USB debugging is enabled before.

How do I reset my phone lock password?

With Google account verification, you can try to reset your phone lock password by the steps below:

  1. Sign in to your Google account associated with the device.
  2. Go to Menu and choose Devices, then Mobile Devices.
  3. Find Reset Device Password.
  4. Enter the new password.
  5. Click Reset Password to confirm.

The Bottom Line

That’s all for how to unlock Android phone password without factory reset by using 4 methods. With DroidKit, you can no longer worry about forgetting Android lock screen password, pin, pattern, fingerprint, etc. And it would be much easier for you to bypass the locked screen on Android phones since it can unlock any phone’s password in simple clicks. Try DroidKit for free now. And you can also explore more functions on DroidKit – a complete Android solution.

DroidKit – 1-Click Unlock Android

  • Unlock all screen locks like password, PIN, pattern, etc.
  • Unlock Android devices in minutes. No long time waiting.
  • Just click buttons. No root. No skills required.
  • Supports all Android devices, like Samsung, Huawei, etc.

Free Download100% Clean & Safe

Free Download100% Clean & Safe

Free Download * 100% Clean & Safe

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