iPhone Won’t Restore from iTunes/iCloud Backup - How to Fix


This post tells you some basic tips to fix the problem that your iPhone won’t restore from iTunes or iCloud backup due to various different reasons, also applying for iPad. Now let’s check them one by one.

by Tom Follow @iMobie_Inc

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Question: "After updating to iOS 11, my iPhone 7 won’t restore from the iTunes backup that I created last week and stuck in the recovery mode, what can I do to fix this issue?"

You may drop into this iPhone restore error after updating to iOS 11when you try to restore from iTunes backup on your computer. Besides this condition, there are more situations that your iPhone could not be restored. So, this article is going to show you common cases of iPhone won’t restore problem and share you some quick fixes.

Part 1: Common Cases of iPhone Could Not Be Restored Part 2: Tips to Fix iPhone Won’t Restore Problem

Part 1: Common Cases of iPhone Could Not Be Restored

Your iPhone could not be restored due to lots of different reasons, and here are some common situations:

1. iPhone won't restore after an iOS or iTunes update.

2. An unknown iTunes error occurs during the restore process.

3. The restore was interrupted when it was attempted using iCloud.

4. iPhone could not be restored after it has gone through the jailbreak process.

5. The backup is corrupt or incompatible.

6. More other errors…

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Part 2: Tips to Fix iPhone Won’t Restore Problem

Tip 1. Restart computer, iTunes and iPhone.

You may know how to restart computer, iTunes and iPhone. And if possible, you can have a Force Restart your iPhone: just press and hold the Sleep/Wake and Home buttons for at least 10 seconds until the Apple logo disappears.

Fix iPhone Won’t Restore – Force Restart iPhone

Fix iPhone Won’t Restore – Force Restart iPhone

Tip 2. Make sure your iPhone has trusted your computer.

If it is the first time you connect your iPhone to computer, you should make your computer be trusted by your iPhone. After connecting, just unlock your iPhone and tap "Trust".

Tip 3. Check USB cable and Wi-Fi connection

Sometimes the reason why your iPhone cannot be recognized by your iTunes is that your cable is damaged or you forget to turn on Wi-Fi. And if it is because of the USB cable, you can change another one to have a try to fix the error.

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Tip 4. Install the latest iTunes update.

Make sure you have installed the latest version of iTunes on your computer. Sometimes the old iTunes isn’t compatible with your new iPhone 6/6s. So just go to update your iTunes to be the newest after going to Apple iTunes download page or iTunes menu bar.

Fix iPhone Won’t Restore – Update iTunes

Fix iPhone Won’t Restore – Update iTunes

Tip 5. Try again and again or contact Apple Support.

There are some other reasons why iPhone cannot restore from iTuens, such as your backup is corrupted or too large. So you should try again. And after trying all methods, and still got some unknown error, such as error 53, you can contact Apple Support for help. And there are some fixes of unknown errors you can refer to.

Tip 6. Restore iPhone from backup with an iTunes alternative

If above methods failed to help you fix the problem of iPhone won’t restore, you can have a try on an iTunes alternative tool - PhoneRescue for iOS to restore your iPhone from iTunes or iCloud backup in the condition that iTunes is not available.

Compared with restoring from iTunes/iCloud, Phonerescue for iOS brings you more benefits, like:

1. It enables you to preview data details on your backup before restoring, and you can selectively restore accurate data according to your needs instead of blindly restore the whole backup.

2. Unlike restoring from iTunes or iCloud, this restore operation won’t wipe the current data on your device.

3. It’s easy to use and 100% safe , you can restore your iPhone from backup easily and quickly, also without worries about data leak.

4. Supports all iPhones and compatible with all iOS versions.

For detailed steps of restoring iPhone from backup, you can refer to this Part 3 of this page.

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The Bottom Line

Have you used the tips above to fix the iPhone won’t restore problem? Just share your opinion at the common section below, no matter it is a problem or a solution. And if you just want to extract some lost/deleted data on iTunes backup, you can use our professional tool – PhoneRescue for iOS to easily make it. Download PhoneRescue for iOS here >>

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