How to Organize Apps on iPhone/iPad

Installing a number of favorite apps on iPhone, or iPad, but don’t know how to organize them in the right way, so that you can quickly and easily find them on your iPhone or iPad every time? Check this tutorial now, with a practical method to help you organize iPhone apps without effort.

By iMobie | Posted on: Sep. 05, 2018, Last Updated: Sep. 07, 2018
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AnyTrans – iPhone Apps Organizer

Want to organize apps on your new iPhone 7/8/X? This article is intended to show you one way to organize. Keep reading on this post to learn more.

Getting dozens of apps installed on the iPhone is not a big deal right now for users, or even more. But the real question is how to organize them well, so you can easily and quickly find them when you need them.

This is tough. Guess you must have read some blogs, which tell you to organize iPhone apps by their colors, or alphabetically, or by their catalogues, functions, etc. These surely are good ideas for you to organize iPhone apps.

But mostly they seem not working at all. When you have a number of apps on iPhone, you need first to make a decision of which apps belong to social items, which apps are entertainment ones, which are financial, etc. And then you need to create a folder and name it on the iPhone screen; Lastly, you have to move the apps into the corresponding folder. These could be a lot of work to do. So to solve such annoying issues, we recommend you a professional iPhone app organizer – AnyTrans for iOS, to much more wisely and effortlessly get the job done. Because AnyTrans for iOS enables you with these abilities:

  1. AnyTrans for iOS provides you with color, catalogue, or more classifications to automatically organize iPhone apps. You just need to choose the classification, and AnyTrans will automatically create the folder on your iPhone screen, and move the right apps into it.
  2. After you set the iPhone screen right, just as you like, you can back up the home screen with AnyTrans. So no matter when you need it again, you can easily restore it.
  3. AnyTrans can also help you clean grey app icons on iPhone.

Why not free download it now, and then head to the detailed steps in the following.

Free Download

Free Download

* 100% Clean & Safe

Free Download * 100% Clean & Safe

How to Organize Apps on iPhone

Step 1. Install and run AnyTrans for iOS on your computer > Connect your iPhone to it > Click on the Home Screen Manager tab.

How to Organize iPhone Apps

How to Organize iPhone Apps

Step 2. Then it will display the iPhone home screen with pages. Choose Arrange Home Screen option.

Best Way to Organize iPhone Apps

Best Way to Organize iPhone Apps

Step 3. Then on the left screen of AnyTrans there are different classification options for you to choose (here we take Classification via Color > Classify with Folders) > Choose Preview button to check the organized iPhone apps > Click on Sync to Device to get it on your iPhone home screen.

How to Organize iPhone Apps

How to Organize iPhone Apps

The Bottom Line

Extra Information: Classify with Folders means putting same color apps in one folder with the color name: White, Blue, Gray, etc. While Classify with Pages means putting same color apps on one page. If you any other questions about AnyTrans, you can contacts our Customer Support via Email.


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