Google Play Store Stuck Downloading? How to Fix This Error?

As one of the most useful Android apps, Google Play Store has established a good reputation among Android users. Despite its rich app resources, many Android users have got stuck during the download. In this post, we will introduce 6 methods to bring your Google Play Store back to normal.

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Like all other apps, Google Play Store is not perfect, despite being one of the most useful Android applications today. In addition to giving its users access to more than 2.5 million apps, Google Play Store also enables them to keep each app they download up to date.

Unless it gets stuck during the download, which can happen for a broad range of reasons. Unstable WiFi connection, lack of storage space on the Android device, or an overloaded cache can all be the reason why the download of the app is pending for a long time.

In this article, we are going to take you through some of the most effective solutions to the Google Play Store stuck downloading error.

Google Play Store Stuck Downloading

Google Play Store Stuck Downloading

Sometimes a glitch can delay the download or an update of an app. Restarting your Android phone and trying to update or download an app again will eliminate a glitch as the reason why your phone got stuck and signal that the issue is caused by some of the device’s settings or pending updates.

If restarting your phone didn’t produce the results you were hoping for, you should try one of the following methods in order to get Google Play Store unstuck.

Make Sure Your Date and Time Settings are Accurate

Although it may seem unrelated the Date and Time settings on your phone can be the reason why Google Play Store cannot complete the download of an app. Fortunately, fixing this problem is easy, since you just have to change the Date and Time settings on your phone.

Step 1. Locate the System menu in the Settings app and tap on it. Expand the Date and Time submenu and toggle the Automatic date & time feature off and on.

Step 2. Leave the Automatic date & time feature on and restart your phone. Once the device reboots, you should head over to the Google Play store and try to download an app in order to check if the issue is resolved.

Check the Internet Connection

Android devices can run into difficulties while switching between a WiFi network and mobile data which in turn can cause your phone to go offline. Moreover, your provider may be having technical difficulties at the moment that make the WiFi network unstable. You can resolve this problem by changing the download preferences in the Google Play Store app.

Check the Internet Connection

Check the Internet Connection

Step 1. Open the Google Play Store app and tap on the menu button that is located in the upper left corner of the screen. Choose the Settings option from the menu, then tap on the App Download Preference feature and make sure that the Over any network setting is selected.

Step 2. The download should resume immediately after your change the download preference, however, you should reboot your router and check if the WiFi network continues to work normally.

Clear the Data and Cache of the Google Play Store App

Temporary files an app uses often end up overloading the app’s cache which causes it to malfunction. Clearing data and cache is a straightforward process that only takes a few moments of your time. So, if the Google Play Store app seems to be running slower than usual and the download of a new app seems to be stuck at the same spot for a long time, then you should try clearing the app’s cache. Here’s how you can do that.

Clear the Data and Cache

Clear the Data and Cache

Step 1. Open the Settings app, and browse to the Apps menu. Tapping on the Apps menu will give you an overview of all apps on your phone, so you just have to find the Google Play Store app and tap on it.

Step 2. The app info window will show you information like Data usage, battery, or Storage. Tap on the Storage option and then tap on the Clear Cache button to remove all temporary files the app stored over time. Optionally, you can also tap on the Clear Data button if you want to erase all user data the app gathered. Restart the phone afterward and try downloading or updating an app to check if the problem is fixed.

Check If You Have Enough Storage Space on Your Android Phone

Check the Phone Storage

Check the Phone Storage

You cannot install or update apps if you don’t have enough storage space on your SD card. You can check how much space you have left in the Storage menu that is located in the Setting app. In case more than 90% of the SD card is already full you should consider deleting apps you are no longer using. Optionally, you can move some of the photos or videos you are keeping on your phone to a computer or store them in the cloud.

Try downloading the same app or continuing with updates after you created some space on the SD card to check if this was the reason why Google Play Store got stuck downloading.

Try Adding Another Google Account to Your Smartphone

Problems with your Google account may be the reason why you cannot update apps on your phone or install new ones. Removing the account connected to the device may help resolve any compatibility issue that might have occurred.

Step 1. Find the Accounts & Sync menu in the Settings app and expand it. This will enable you to see all Google accounts that are associated with the device. Select the one you are currently using and tap on the Remove account option.

Step 2. Restart your phone after removing the account and then head back to the Account & Sync menu to add a new or old account. You can do this by tapping on the Add Account feature and following the on-screen instructions. Go to the Google Play Store App when done and check if the download process goes smoothly.

Update the Google Play Store App

An outdated version of the Google Play Store app may be the reason why you cannot download or update apps. You can check if Google Play Store is up to date by accessing its main menu and opening the Settings submenu.

Near the bottom of the Settings window, you will be able to see the Play Store Version feature, tap on it, and the app will inform you if it is up to date. In case there are any pending updates you should proceed to install them, before attempting to download a new app from the Google Play Store.

The Bottom Line

Google Play Store stuck on downloading issue can be frustrating, but it is also easy to fix because it is caused by Internet connection problems or minor software malfunctions.

In most cases, ensuring that your smartphone is online and clearing its cache will fix this annoying problem. That is why you shouldn’t panic if you encounter this issue since chances are that you are going to solve it in a few minutes.

We hope that this article has helped you to fix the Google Play Store stuck on downloading error. Leave a comment and share your opinions with us.

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