Why App Won’t Open on Android Phone? Fixed!

Apps won’t open on your Android phone? Keep reading and follow this article to learn how to easily fix app won’t open Android issue!

Author Avatar Joy Taylor Last Updated: Feb. 16, 2022

DroidKit – Fix Android Apps Won’t Open Issue

Free download DroidKit to 1-click fix all Android system issues, including the “apps won’t open” error.

Android phones are widely used and favored by people all around the world. Nowadays, there are more and more mobile users who choose to use Android. Sadly, we accepted some feedback that some users encountered apps that won’t open on Android recently.

Previously, we have already talked about how to fix apps not opening on iPhone issues. In this article, we will mainly discuss the possible reasons why apps failed to open on Android and how to fix this issue with ease.

Why Won’t My Apps Open on My Android?

Suddenly, an app or some apps won’t open on your Android? In this part, I’d like to brief you on some specific reasons why an app or some apps are failed to open on Android phones so as to fix this issue correspondingly. The possible causes of the app won’t open on Android might be no internet connection, the lack of storage space, corrupted software, data crash, and the outdated operating system version of your Android.

How to fix Apps Not Open on Android Phones?

In this part, 6 effective solutions will be presented to help you fix apps not open on Android phone issues. Next, browse and choose the solution you prefer to easily address this issue!

Way 1. Check Internet Connection

Internet connection is a must in this era. Without the internet, we are not able to surf on the internet, including open some apps which require an internet connection when launching them.

Therefore, when you encountered apps that won’t open issues, please check the internet connection of your phone at first. This is useful for both Android and iOS devices.

Way 2. One-click Fix Apps Not Open Issue

If you have checked the internet connection, and there are no problems here, it may be a system error. If so, you need a professional tool to fix the Android system. Here we give you DroidKit – Android Phone Toolkit. It is one of the best Android device system repairers that can fix almost all the system issues you may have known of.

DroidKit has reliable solutions to Android problems. It can solve problems like black screen, device frozen, touch screen not working, apps crashing, the camera failed, stuck on logo, etc. The best part of it is that you don’t need to root the device to do the things above. So you won’t lose the data while fixing the errors.

Let’s take a look at the steps to fix the “apps not open” issue with DroidKit.

Step 1. Download and launch DroidKit on your computer, connect your device to the computer, and choose Fix System Issue which is located in the middle of the interface.

Free Download

Free Download

* 100% Clean & Safe

Free Download * 100% Clean & Safe

Click Fix System Issues

Click Fix System Issues

Step 2. Tap on the Start button to go on issue fixing.

Click the Start Button to Continue Fixing

Click the Start Button to Continue Fixing

Step 3. Following the on-screen instructions, you will be asked to download the firmware. Once the firmware is downloaded, you need to put your device in download mode. Then, DroidKit will start to fix the issue.

Click Fix Now after Firmware Downloaded

Click Fix Now after Firmware Downloaded

Step 4. Minutes later, you will find your device gets restarted again which means the fixing process is completed.

System Fixed Successfully

System Fixed Successfully

Way 3. Clear the Storage Space of Android Phone

As we mentioned above, the lack of storage space is also one of the major reasons why apps can’t be open smoothly on your Android. Under such circumstances, you’d better delete some useless apps, pictures or files, etc. Moreover, you can clear the cache and data of the app that won’t open on your Android.

  1. Run your Android phone and head to the Settings app.
  2. Find and click App manager, choose the app that can’t be opened.
  3. Choose the Storage option and click clear cache/data to make space for the app.
Clear Contacts App Cache

Clear Contacts App Cache

Way 4. Force Close the App that Won’t Open

When an app doesn’t work or can’t be opened, force closing and then restarting it might be a solution that is simple and effective. Here are steps to force close the app that won’t open.

  1. Run your Android phone and go to Settings.
  2. Click on the Apps & Notifications option.
  3. Select and click on the app that won’t open and choose the Force Stop option.

After force-stopping the app, you can try to reopen it once again to check whether this solution works. To be more convenient, you can clear all the background apps that operating on your Android by accessing the multitasking interface and swiping these apps to close them.

Way 5. Update Android OS

Some apps can’t be compliant with the outdated operating system, that’s why the app won’t open on Android. Hence, you can go to Settings on your Android to check whether there has the newest OS version. Here, I will tell you how to update the Android operating system to the newest one.

  1. Go to the Settings app on Android.
  2. Find the About Device/Phone option at the bottom of the interface.
  3. Choose Software Update, if there has a new OS version, just click on the Install Now button install the latest Android operating system.

Way 6. Update or Reinstall the App That Won’t Open

Updating or reinstalling the app is one of the solutions that is worth having a try as well. To update it, you can do as follows.

  1. Go to the Settings app and click on the Apps Manager option.
  2. Choose the app that won’t open and click the update option if there has a new version of the app.

In addition, you can uninstall the app and then download and reinstall it to fix the app that won’t open the Android problem.

Way 7. Restart Your Android Phone

When you fail to open the app, one extremely simple way you can have a try is to restart your phone which can fix most of the simple issues of both Android and iPhone. You can press the side button on your Android for a while until your phone pops up an interface, and then please click the Power Off option. After that, you can long-press the side button once again to restart it.

The Bottom Line

In this article, we mentioned 7 solutions to help you fix the app that won’t open the Android issue. All of them are easy-to-operate and effective. But to help you fix your problem quickly, we recommend you download and use DroidKit to fix the Android system.

Free Download

Free Download

* 100% Clean & Safe

Free Download * 100% Clean & Safe

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