Fix Android WiFi is Connected but No Internet Access

Sometimes you will find that WiFi is connected but there is no Internet access on your Android device. If this happens to you, there are a few ways to deal with this issue and get access to the Internet. Here we show some of the effective ways to fix the issue.

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Sometimes it happens that your Android device connects to your WiFi network successfully, but then you quickly realize that there is no Internet access on your phone. This usually happens when there is a problem with either your phone or the router.

Basically, the connection between your phone and your router is working just fine. The issue lies somewhere internally and that is what the following guide is going to help you figure out. You will learn some of the common reasons why this issue occurs and how you can fix it.

Why Android Phone Connected to WiFi But No Internet

While there are many reasons why WiFi gets connected but no Internet on your Android device, the following are some of the common ones.

Reason 1. Issues with the Router

A common reason why your phone has a WiFi connection but no Internet access is that there is a technical issue with your router. If your router is experiencing any kind of bugs or problems, that affects how your devices including your Android devices connect to the Internet.

A faulty router cannot provide your Android phone with Internet access. As a result, your phone will connect to your router just fine but it will not be able to access the web.

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Reason 2. Issues with the Internet Connection

It is possible that your router works just fine but there is an issue with your Internet connection. If your Internet is not reliable for some reason, your phone will be able to connect to the router but it will then not be able to further connect to the web.

This usually happens due to bad weather and broken cables of your Internet connection. Sometimes, this happens due to an error at your Internet service provider (ISP).

Reason 3. A Conflict with the IP Address

IP address conflicts are pretty rare but you might run into them sometimes. An IP address conflict is basically nothing but two devices on the same network acquiring the same IP address. When this happens, your router does not send the correct data to your phone and therefore your phone cannot access the Internet.

This issue usually occurs when the DHCP is not properly working on your router and is assigning the same IP address to multiple phones or other devices on the network.

Reason 4. DNS Problems

If you do not already know, the DNS servers help your device translate a website URL into an IP address. If a DNS server is experiencing issues, it can cause your Android phone not to connect to the Internet. This is very rare but it does happen and it can make the world wide web inaccessible on your device.

How to Fix WiFi is Connected But No Internet Access

Now that you have learned the possible causes of why your Android device is connected to WiFi but has no Internet access, you might want to learn how to fix this issue.

The following are some of the possible fixes to the issue you are facing on your phone.

Method 1. Restart Your Router

A major reason why you have an Internet access issue on your device is that there is a problem with your router. Therefore, the first thing you need to do is to fix your router.

WiFi Router

WiFi Router

If you are not into any technical things, the easiest way to fix the most common router problems is to reboot your router. When you do this, your router re-connects to your Internet service provider and all your settings get freshen-up.

You can do that by turning the plug for your router to the off position. Then, wait for about a minute and then turn your router back on.

Method 2. Get Your Internet Working

If it is not just your Android device and you have no access to the Internet on your other devices as well, the problem might be with your Internet provider. In this case, it is best that you get in touch with them and ask them to help you fix the issue.

If there is an Internet outage or something, your ISP should be able to tell you about that. If there is another issue, they will be able to help you fix that with your router or your device.

Method 3. Forget the WiFi Network and Reconnect to It

Sometimes, a simple fix like reconnecting to your WiFi network can resolve the Internet access issue on your phone. When you forget your network, your phone deletes the saved preferences of that network. When you reconnect your phone to your WiFi, your phone then gets assigned a fresh new IP address which helps it connect to the Internet.

The following shows how to do that.

Step 1. Head to Settings > Wi-Fi & network > Wi-Fi on your device.

Step 2. Tap your WiFi network and select Forget.

Forget the Details for WiFi Network

Forget the Details for WiFi Network

Step 3. Head back to one menu and tap on your WiFi network again to connect to it.

Step 4. Enter the password for your network and your phone will connect to it.

Method 4. Assign a Static IP to Your Android Device

If your DHCP server fails to assign a unique IP address to your devices, it might be the time that you assign a static IP to your Android phone. This way, you will be able to avoid IP address conflicts, and if this is why you cannot access the Internet, getting a static IP will fix the problem for you.

Here we show how to do that.

Step 1. Head to Settings > Wi-Fi & network > Wi-Fi on your phone.

Step 2. Tap your WiFi network and then tap the pencil icon at the top.

Step 3. Expand Advanced Options and select Static from IP settings.

Use a Static IP on Your Android Device

Use a Static IP on Your Android Device

Step 4. Enter an IP address in the IP address field, input other values, and tap Save.

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Method 5. Configure the Correct Date and Time Settings

It is important that you have the correct date and time settings set on your device. Incorrect date and time settings can sometimes lead you to experience issues, like the one you currently have.

It is actually pretty easy to set up the time and date on your phone, and you can do that as follows.

Step 1. Open Settings, scroll down, and tap System.

Step 2. Tap Date & time and then enter the correct date and time settings.

Configure Date and Time Settings

Configure Date and Time Settings

Method 6. Reset Network Settings on Your Android Device

Whatever changes you make to your network settings, your Android device saves those changes for you. This way, the next time you are doing something, your phone can pull up your settings and perform the tasks accordingly.

It is worth resetting these network settings to see if that fixes the Internet access issue on your device. You can always reconfigure the settings when you want.

Step 1. Launch the Settings app, scroll all the way down, and select System.

Step 2. Tap Reset options on the following screen.

Step 3. Select the Reset Wi-Fi, mobile & Bluetooth option to reset your network settings.

Reset Android Network Settings

Reset Android Network Settings

You should only do this if you know how to reconfigure your network settings. Do not reset the settings if you then cannot reconfigure your phone.

Method 7. Reset Your Device to the Factory Settings

If nothing else worked, you can reset your phone as the final resort. This will basically remove everything that you have ever stored on your phone. You will lose all your settings as well.

If you have backed up your data safely and you are ready to proceed, the following is how you reset your Android phone.

Step 1. Head to Settings > System > Reset options on your Android device.

Step 2. Tap the option that says Erase all data (factory reset) and follow the on-screen instructions.

Factory Reset an Android Device

Factory Reset an Android Device

Step 3. Set up your phone when the phone is erased.

This will reset everything on your phone and so be cautious while doing this. You will lose all your files and settings forever. Please backup your device before doing that.

Method 8. Fix WiFi Connection Issue with DroidKit

If all the methods above can’t solve your problem and you still can’t upload web pages, you may try out DroidKitIt fixes almost all system problems on a Samsung device, such as black screen, device frozen, stuck in the fastboot modetouch screen not working, etc. With an intuitive UI and a step-by-step tutorial, DroidKit makes the fixing process easy for everyone to follow. Download DroidKit and follow the steps below.

Free Download

Free Download

* 100% Clean & Safe

Free Download * 100% Clean & Safe

Step 1. Download and install DroidKit on your computer. Launch DroidKit and connect your Android device to the computer. after that, tap on the Fix System Issues mode.

Click Fix System Issues

Click Fix System Issues

Step 2. Once DroidKit detected your device, a page will show as below. Click the Start button to continue.

Click Start Button to Continue Fixing

Click Start Button to Continue Fixing

Step 3. The software will match the PDA code of your phone automatically. You need to click the Download Now button to download the firmware (If there is no PAD code matched, you need to put your device into recovery mode to get it).

Download Firmware Package

Download Firmware Package

Step 4. After the firmware is downloaded, click the Fix Now button to start the fixing process. Also, you need to follow the instructions to put your device into download mode.

Click Fix Now and Start Fixing

Click Fix Now and Start Fixing

Step 5. After that, it will automatically start repairing your Android system. Wait a minute, the process will be completed and you will see a page as below.

System Fixed Successfully

System Fixed Successfully

The Bottom Line

You now know what to do if you ever find your Android device connected to WiFi but you have no Internet access. One of these ways will fix the issue on your phone giving you access to the entire world wide web. Among them, DroidKit is a solution worth considering. Download it and fix your WiFi problem.

Free Download

Free Download

* 100% Clean & Safe

Free Download * 100% Clean & Safe

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