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How to Use AnyUnlock

Welcome to AnyUnlock Online Guide. Here you can find all detailed tutorials about how to Unlock Apple ID, Unlock Screen Passcode, Unlock Screen Time Passcode, Manage passwords stored in iOS device, Remove iTunes Backup Encryption, and Recover iTunes Backup Password. If you still have questions after reading this guide, please don’t hesitate to contact our Support Team, and you will receive the reply within 24 hours on work days and 48 hours on weekends.

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iTunes Backup Password Recovery

To strengthen the security of iTunes backup, you might check “Encrypt iPhone Backup” option in iTunes. But if you encrypted a backup in iTunes and then forgot the password, you will not be able to restore from the backup and your data will be unrecoverable. Don’t worry, our password-unlock software - AnyUnlock will help you to recover the password of encrypted backup with a few clicks. Please refer to the detailed guide to make good use of AnyUnlock.

Step 1: Preparations.

Do as following:
  • Run AnyUnlock on your computer
  • Choose iTunes Backup Password Recovery

Once you launch AnyUnlock, you can see the main screen as below:

Choose iTunes Backup Password Recovery feature to continue:

Step 2: Settings.

Do as following:
  • Choose an encrypted backup
  • Set up recovering password options
  • Wait for the recovering process

After clicking the feature, AnyUnlock will list all backups on your computer. Select the desired backup, please click button.

If your encrypted backup is not listed, please click import backup button to add the backup.

After clicking button, the program will enter Password Recovery Settings interface. Then, please choose the type and length of your original password. Next, please select the number of threads based on the performance of your computer.

1. At present, AnyUnlock supports 4 types password, including Uppercase Letters, Lowercase Letters, Numbers, and Special Characters. If you forget the type of your original password, choose more types, like Numbers+Letters or Numbers+Special Characters.

2. If you forget the length of original password, choose the maximum length as possible.

If AnyUnlock fails to recover the encrypted iTunes backup password, you may try these troubleshooting steps to solve this problem.

After completing settings, it will start to recover the encrypted backup password. And it will calculate the approximate retrieving password time. Meanwhile, the retrieving time varies based on the complexity of the password. Please keep patient.

Step 3: Recovery.

Do as following:
  • View the password

After Recovering process is completed, AnyUnlock will display the iTunes backup Password. If you want to go back to homepage, please click button.

Congrats! The backup password has been recovered. You can use it to unencrypt backup. If you want to restore backup to iOS device directly, you can give iMobie another software named PhoneRescue for iOS a try. Learn More

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