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How to Use AnyUnlock

Welcome to AnyUnlock Online Guide. Here you can find all detailed tutorials about how to Unlock Apple ID, Unlock Screen Passcode, Unlock Screen Time Passcode, Manage passwords stored in iOS device, Remove iTunes Backup Encryption, and Recover iTunes Backup Password. If you still have questions after reading this guide, please don’t hesitate to contact our Support Team, and you will receive the reply within 24 hours on work days and 48 hours on weekends.

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Unlock Screen Time Passcode

Screen Time (also called Restrictions under iOS 12) allows you to clearly understand and analyze how much time you and your family spend on your iOS device while using it. Screen Time compares the amount of time you spent last week and can be adjusted to suit your needs. Is a great time management feature? You can also set usage limits if you need to. However, if you forget Screen Time passcode, you can not get access to the certain apps. Here, AnyUnlock can help you unlock such passcode easily and quickly. Please refer to the following guide to make good use of AnyUnlock.

Step 1: Preparations.

Do as following:
  • Launch AnyUnlock on your computer
  • Click Unlock Screen Time Passcode option
  • Connect your iOS device to computer with the USB cable

After launching AnyUnlock, please click Unlock Screen Time Passcode option. Once you connect your iOS device to computer, AnyUnlock will detect your device automatically. If you don’t connect your iOS device to computer or your iOS device isn’t detected, you will see “iOS device not recognized” interface.

Once your iOS device is detected, the interface below will display.

If AnyUnlock fails to recognize your iOS device, you may try these troubleshooting steps to solve this problem.

Step 2: Analysis.

Do as following:
  • Click button
  • Type a random password to make an encrypted backup
  • Wait patiently for analyzing process

To recover passwords stored on iOS device, our software will recover them from an encrypted backup. If you haven’t made an encrypted backup, after clicking button, please enter a random password to make an encrypted backup.

1. To protect your data safety, the device data will be encrypted to the computer during the analysis process.

2. If you have an encrypted backup before, please enter the passcode and then it starts analyzing process.

After making an encrypted backup successfully, AnyUnlock will analyze your device data by default. Meanwhile, the analyzing time varies based on the size of files on your device and the complexity of passcode. Please keep patient.

If your device running iOS 13 and later, AnyUnlock removes Screen Time passcode. If your device running iOS 13 below, AnyUnlock recovers Screen Time passcode.

Step 3: Removal.

Do as following:
  • Remove Screen Time passcode

After analyzing process is completed, the screen will appear “Screen Time passcode removed successfully”. If you want to go back to home interface, please click  button.

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