How to Solve Authentication Problem in Wi-Fi Connection in Android

Keep receiving the Wi-Fi authentication error on Android when you are trying to connect your Android device to Wi-Fi? The guide tells how to solve authentication problem in Wi-Fi connection in Android.

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“I recently purchased a new phone. It connected to my home Wi-Fi great, but last night it just stopped working all of the sudden. Every time I type in my password and try to connect. The phone pops up Authentication error. Please help.”

Obviously, the user above was stuck in the Android Wi-Fi authentication problem. If you are struggling with the same trouble, the post here can be helpful. Read to find solutions to solve authentication problem in Wi-Fi connection in Android.

How to Fix the Android Wi-Fi Authentication Problem

#1 Reset Wi-Fi Connection

Step 1 On your Android device, go to Settings.

Step 2 Find Wireless and Network, tap on Wi-Fi option.

Step 3 A list of nearby Wi-Fi will be displayed here. Hit the Wi-Fi that you want.

Step 4 On the popping up menu, choose Forget network.

Step 5 Try to reconnect to the Wi-Fi by entering the password.

How to Fix Android Wi-Fi Authentication Problem

How to Fix Android Wi-Fi Authentication Problem

#2 Turn On Airplane Mode and then Turn it Off

Step 1 On the quick settings menu, turn on the Airplane mode.

Step 2 With the Airplane mode still active, turn on the Wi-Fi and connect to the network by heading over to the Settings.

Step 3 If your Wi-Fi connection is OK, turn the Airplane mode off.

#3 Change from DHCP to Static

Step 1 On your Android device, go to Settings > Wireless and Networks > Wi-Fi.

Step 2 Tap the Wi-Fi name you want to connect to, and a popping up box will appear.

Step 3 Hit the Modify Network option or any related option depending on the model.

Step 4 Check the box beside Show advance options.

Step 5 Under the IP settings, change it from DHCP to Static. An IP Address field will appear below.

Step 6 Write down the information included in the static IP address fields then delete it from the device, re-enter it again, and save.

#4 Use WPS Push Button

WPS means Wi-Fi Protected Setup, which is a network security standard to create a secure wireless home network without entering your password.

Step 1 On Android device, go to Settings > Wireless and Networks > Advance settings.

Step 2 There will be many different WPS options there depending on your model. Once you see WPS connection or WPS Push Button, press it. Then a WPS setup will appear on the screen waiting for the configuration from the router.

Step 3 Go to your router and press the WPS button and wait for the connection to be successful on your android device.

#5 Change Security Protocol

If you know the username and password of your router, try to change the security protocol. If the security protocol is WPA2, change it to WPA and vice versa. Then, go to your Android device, use the Forget network feature mentioned above and reconnect it to the Wi-Fi.

#6 Check the Maximum Devices Supported

Some wireless modems can only support a certain amount of devices’ connection. Have a check through your manufacturer or service provider. And go to the wireless router settings and check what are the maximum devices there. Change that setting to a higher number and save the settings.

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The Bottom Line

If you find any other useful solutions to solve the Android Wi-Fi authentication problem, welcome to share with us in the comments below. For better management of your Android devices like data transferring, get AnyTrans for Android to have a try >


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