How to Transfer MP3 to iPhone with/without iTunes

Wondering how to download mp3 to iPhone 12/11/X/8/7/6s? Here in this article, we’ll show you how to transfer mp3 to iPhone with or without iTunes.

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I want to download some mp3 files to my iPhone from anywhere I could reach, such as my MacBook Pro, iPod or an old android phone. And now I have selected 500+ mp3 files already. How can I transfer mp3 files to my iPhone without trouble?

—— Email from an Apple user

Like this user above, you could enjoy more songs by making the most use of the free-music resources around you. As one of the music lovers who is used to listening to songs on iPhone, you must be interested in how to download mp3 to iPhone from other places. Here we provide you some ways to copy mp3 you like from computer, Android, another iPhone, iPod to your iPhone. Keep reading and learn the ways to transfer music with ease.

Method 1. Transfer Mp3 to iPhone without iTunes – AnyTrans

Designed as an excellent iOS data transfer tool, AnyTrans has helped millions of users manage music files on iPhone with ease. It only takes a few steps to transfer mp3 to iPhone no matter from PC/Mac computer or Android/iOS devices. Here are some highlights of AnyTrans:

  • Supporting many devices and computer. You can add mp3 files from PC/Mac, Android, iPhone, iPod, iPad to your iPhone.
  • Supporting more than just mp3 files. It can automatically transfer all music data to device-supported formats.
  • No data loss. AnyTrans will not erase any data on iPhone.
  • 100% Safe & Security Guaranteed. During the transfer process, all the contents on your iPhone will be kept safe.

Now let’s follow the steps below to download mp3 to iPhone without iTunes:

Step 1. Free download and install AnyTrans on your computer and plug in your iPhone > Click on Device Manager and hit the Music button.

Free Download

Free Download

* 100% Clean & Safe

Free Download * 100% Clean & Safe

Select Music Tab in AnyTrans

Select Music Tab in AnyTrans

Step 2. Click on Songs > Then tap the Add option > Select the mp3 files you want to transfer to your iPhone from your computer > Click Open to start the process.

Select Music from Computer and Open them

Select Music from Computer and Open them

Note: If you want to add music from iOS devices (including iPhone/iPod/iPad) to iPhone, just connect both the source device and iPhone to the computer. In Step 2 above, tap the Send to Device button > Choose the music from a source device and start to transfer. And you can directly migrate music from one iOS device to another with AnyTrans.

If you want to add music from Android devices to the iPhone, just connect both Android and iPhone to the computer. In Step 1 above, tap Phone Switcher > Choose Phone to iPhone. All files will be listed, including music, and you can choose to transfer.

Choose Phone to iPhone on Phone Switcher

Choose Phone to iPhone on Phone Switcher

Method 2. Sync Mp3 to iPhone Using AirDrop

Airdrop Mp3 from Mac to iPhone

If you want to sync music to iPhone wirelessly, you can do it using airdrop on mac. Here are the steps to sync music from mac on iPhone:

  1. Firstly, make sure your two devices are within the Bluetooth and Wi-Fi range, then turn on AirDrop on your iPhone and the Mac.
  2. Select the file you want to transfer and right-click Share, tap AirDrop. When the window pops up, click your iPhone’s name to send files.
  3. Then click Accept on your iPhone to receive the mp3 files.

Airdrop Mp3 from Another iPhone to iPhone

  1. Turn on AirDrop, Wi-Fi connection, and Bluetooth on both iPhones.
  2. Open the Music App on the source iPhone and choose the song you want to transfer.
  3. Tap the More button at the lower right corner. Then tap the Share icon.
  4. Choose AirDrop and choose the target iPhone to send the music. On your target iPhone, just tap Accept to receive.

Method 3. How to Transfer Mp3  to iPhone with iTunes

With iTunesyou can copy the mp3 files from your iTunes library on the computer to your iPhone. But you need to make sure you made an iPhone backup before putting mp3 files to your iPhone in case of losing data. Now, let’s head to the detailed steps to transfer mp3 to iPhone with iTunes.

  1. Make sure that iTunes is the latest version. If it is not, there probably occur errors, like not recognizing the device. And then run it on your computer.
  2. Connect your iPhone to iTunes with USB cable. If your iPhone is connected to the computer for the first time, iTunes will pop up a page to ask for permission to load iPhone contents. Just click the Continue button. While, on your iPhone, tap Trust and enter the password to continue.
  3. After iTunes has loaded all of your iPhone content, you need to click on the iPhone icon on the left corner of the interface > Summary > Options, where unchecking the option of “Automatically sync when this iPhone is connected”. By this, you can manually sync the file you want to iPhone.
  4. If the MP3 files are not in the iTunes Library but saved in other folders on PC/Mac, you need to first add them to the iTunes Library, by which you can sync them to iPhone. To add these MP3 files, do like this: Go to File tab > Choose Add File to Library for the files you want, or Add Folder to Library for the whole folder. Then wait for the adding process finishing.
  5. After all music files are added to the iTunes library, now you just go to Settings tab > Choose Music > Check Sync Music > Click Sync to start the transferring. There will be a screen to notice you that the syncing option will erase the replace the contents on iPhone, and if you are OK with it, just click Erase and Sync button. The whole process would last for while, depending on the amount of your MP3 files. After syncing, you will see all the MP3 files on your iPhone.
How to Transfer MP3 to iPhone with iTunes

How to Transfer MP3 to iPhone with iTunes

Bonus Tip: How to Transfer MP3 to iPhone Wirelessly

If there is no USB cable available or your iPhone cannot be recognized by your computer, then you can try the AnyTrans app on your iPhone to transfer mp3 to iPhone wirelessly.

Before we start, please make sure:

  • Install AnyTrans App on your iPhone.
  • Make sure your  iPhone and computer are connected to Wi-Fi, and cellular data would not work in the following steps.

If you have done all mentioned above, here we go to the detailed steps:

Step 1. On your computer: Go to and you will see a QR Code. On your iPhone: Open AnyTrans app, and tap on the Scan button to scan the QR code on your computer.

How to Transfer MP3 to iPhone Wirelessly - Step 1

How to Transfer MP3 to iPhone Wirelessly – Step 1

Step 3. Then all your music will show up on your computer. Select the songs you want to transfer and click on “Add to Device” button to transfer mp3 to iPhone wirelessly.

How to Transfer MP3 to iPhone Wirelessly - Step 2

How to Transfer MP3 to iPhone Wirelessly – Step 2

The Bottom Line

As you see, AnyTrans is fully capable of transferring MP3 to iPhone from PC/Mac computer without effort but with 100% Safe & Security. So why not give it a try by yourself? It can be your best assistant in managing your media files on iPhone/iPad/iPod touch.

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