How to Fix iMessages Not Syncing Between Mac and iPhone


In some cases, iMessages won’t sync between your iPhone and Mac, you may wonder how to fix it. Read this post to get some solutions.


Jun. 06, 2016


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AnyTrans – Sync iPhone Messages to Mac

AnyTrans – Smart iPhone Message Manager

Download AnyTrans to extract and transfer your iPhone messages to Mac, to PC and to another iDevice. Now read on this post to learn how to fix iPhone messages not syncing with Mac.

With iMessages enabled on your iPhone, iPad and Mac that sharing the same Apple ID, you can reach same iMessages threads on both your iDevice and Mac. But you may probably noticed that some iPhone messages not syncing with Mac and don’t know why. In this iMobie guide, we are going to show you some possible fixes to solve the problem of iPhone messages not syncing with Mac.

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Potential Fixes to iPhone Messages Not Syncing with Mac

Here we present you some possible solutions to fix the iMessages not syncing between your Mac and iDevcie problem.

1. Make sure you have activated all email addresses you want to use with iMessage:

On your iPhone or iPad, go to Settings > Messages > Send & Receive > Under “YOU CAN BE RECHEAD BY IMESSAGE AT” > Make Sure the phone number or email address are checked.

How to Fix iMessages Not Syncing with Mac

How to Fix iMessages Not Syncing with Mac

2. Confirm your mobile phone number with your Apple ID:

Go to here and log in with your Apple ID > Under “Account” make sure you are reachable at correct phone numbers and email addresses.

How to Fix iMessages Not Syncing with Mac

How to Fix iMessages Not Syncing with Mac

3. On you Mac make sure you loggin with the same Apple ID as you used on the iPhone:

Open Messages app > Go to Preferences > Click on Accounts button > Click Enable this account > Select the email address you have registered with the Apple ID.

4. Turn Off iMessages and Turn On It Again:

On your iPhone Settings > Messages > and toggle off iMessage at the top. Wait a few seconds and turn it back on.

On your Mac, go to Messages > Preferences > Accounts> Click Sign Out > Wait a few seconds then sign back in.

Bonus Tip: Transfer iPhone Messages to PC/Mac in Readable Format

You can manually transfer messages from iPhone or iPad to your computer with an iPhone transfer tool named AnyTrans.

  • Extract your SMS messages and iMessages from iPhone iPad and allow you to view them on computer directly.
  • Transfer iPhone messages to computer and save in PDF, TEXT or HTML format.
  • Copy messages from iPhone to iPhone/iPad directly without restoring.
  • Besides messages, it also supports transferring photos, videos, music, notes, contacts, and more from iPhone to PC or Mac.

Now Download AnyTrans for a Free Trial >

Alternative Way to Get iPhone Messages to Mac with AnyTrans

Alternative Way to Get iPhone Messages to Mac with AnyTrans

The Bottom Line

If you have any other advices on solving iPhone messages syncing problem, please share it on the comment section below. At the same time, don’t forget to download AnyTrans for a free trial >

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