How to View Text Messages on iCloud


How do I view text messages on iCloud? In this guide, you will get a simple & fast way to view iCloud texts.


Aug. 31, 2017


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PhoneRescue – The Best Tool to Access/View Text Messages on iCloud

PhoneRescue – Best iCloud Messages Viewer

Download PhoneRescue on your computer firstly, then follow us to view and check iCloud messages after reading this guide about how to access and view iCloud messages.

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How to View Text Messages on iCloud

How to View Text Messages on iCloud

Trying to view your iPhone SMS messages and iMessgaes on iCloud, only to realize there is no step-by –step solution? If you get your iPhone text messages or iMessages deleted or lost, you can follow this guide - how to recover deleted messages on iPhone to get them back, if you just can’t get access to your iPhone, or your iPhone has something wrong that makes you can’t view text messages or iMessages on iCloud, this is the topic we will focus on today.

You know, you can backup your iPhone to computer to iCloud, and the backup contains the text messages on your iPhone. When you get your iPhone messages deleted or lost, you can restore your iPhone with them to get deleted messages back to iPhone; or if your iPhone is damaged, broken or lost, you can restore this backup to your new iPhone, have up-to-date copies of your messages.

However, the two situations have the same precondition – you need to restore your iPhone with the iCloud backup, this means all the data on your iPhone will be replaced by the contents in iCloud backup, and you never know what files will be restored to your iPhone before restoring your iDevice. At this moment, you may think, is there any way to check or view the text messages on iCloud without restoring iDevice?

Absolutely, you can preview text messages in iCloud without restoring, but you need the help of an iPhone iPad extractor tool like PhoneRescue, which gives you the access to iCloud backup, and view iCloud messages, contacts, notes, calendar and more. It scans your iCloud backup and lists all the iCloud files so that you can preview messages and other iCloud files without restoring iDevice. Next, we will make a simple introduction to PhoneRescue, and show you how to view iCloud messages.

The Tool We’ll Use to Access and View Text Messages on iCloud

As the best iPhone data recovery software, PhoneRescue – iOS data recovery tool aims to recover deleted data and files on iPhone iPad, no matter whether you have made backup in advance. Except recovering deleted iPhone iPad files, PhoneRescue – iOS data recovery tool also can work as an iCloud backup extractor to download iCloud backup, and then preview your messages in iCloud without restoring iDevice. And it also is fitted with some top features, like:

1. 100% safe, all existing data are intact: PhoneRescue allows you to download iCloud backup from iCloud server directly without restoring your iDevice or erasing existing data on device.

2. Download and view only messages instead of all files: PhoneRescue allows you to selectively select the type of files you want to view before downloading iCloud backup, instead of downloading the whole backup that will cost you much time.

3. Directly export messages to iPhone’s Messages’ App or computer: After viewing text messages in iCloud, you can export the messages to computer in TEXT or HTML format, or directly get them back to your iPhone’s Messages App.

4. Supports all the iOS versions: PhoneRescue works well with iOS 11/10/9/8/7/6/5. No matter which iOS backup you have made, you can check and view your text messages from it.

5. Top Safe & Secured: PhoneRescue is developed by An Apple verified developer, so this guarantees you 100% safety and security, your privacy and personal data won’t be leaked.

Now download PhoneRescue on your computer, and then follow us to access and view text messages and iMessages on iCloud.

How to View Text Messages on iCloud with PhoneRescue

Step 1: Run PhoneRescue on your computer, and then click Recover from iCloud, then log in iCloud with your Apple ID password.

How to Access and View Text Messages in iCloud with PhoneRescue – Step 1

How to Access and View Text Messages in iCloud with PhoneRescue – Step 1

Step 2: Check all the iCloud backups, select the right one, click Download button, then select Messages and other iOS contents you want to view (if you have), and then click OK button to start downloading messages from iCloud.

How to Access and View Text Messages in iCloud with PhoneRescue – Step 2

How to Access and View Text Messages in iCloud with PhoneRescue – Step 2

Step 3: Check and view the messages and messages attachments in iCloud, even included those messages you have deleted from your iPhone. If you want to export them, you can click To iPhone button to get them directly back to iPhone’s Messages App, or click To Computer button to export them to PC/Mac computer.

How to Access and View Text Messages in iCloud with PhoneRescue – Step 3

How to Access and View Text Messages in iCloud with PhoneRescue – Step 3

Step 4: View and check the messages extracted from iCloud backup on your iPhone or computer.

Just like the Step 3 shows this Badoo password messages had been deleted (the messages in red mean they had been deleted from iPhone), but it was recovered from iCloud backup to my iPhone, just like the following screen shows:

View Messages Extracted from iCloud on iPhone

View Messages Extracted from iCloud on iPhone

If you choose get messages from iCloud to computer, you can find the PhoneRescue output folder, and then view and check them by dragging any HTML file to your browser.

View Messages Extracted from iCloud on Computer

View Messages Extracted from iCloud on Computer

Download or buy PhoneRescue to view your iCloud messages now! Note that, PhoneRescue is 100% Clean & Safe to download, and it also offers you “60-Days Money Back Guarantee” and “Free Lifetime Upgrade” if you buy it.

Bonus Part: Other iCloud Messages Related Questions and Answers

We had received emails from our users and asked us some iCloud messages related problems, like, dose iCloud backup messages, how to access iMessages on iCloud, how to check iMessages online, etc. These questions are not rare, many of us may encounter them, and don’t know the answers. So we add this bonus part here to answer your possible iCloud messages related questions.

Question 1: Dose iCloud Backup Text Messages or iMessages, Or Are Messages are Stored in iCloud?

Answer: According to What iCloud Backup Includes from Apple, iMessage, text (SMS), and MMS messages are included in iCloud backup. So the messages on your iPhone, no matter they are text messages, SMS messages, MMS messages, iMessages, all of them are included in iCloud backup.

Dose iCloud back up text messages or iMessages? Absolutely YES. But there is one thing you shoud notice – this iCloud means iCloud backup instead of this website. In other words, when you are creating an iCloud backup of your iPhone, your messages will be backed up automatically, but this doesn’t means your messages will be backed up to, and shown there. Therefore, you can’t check or view messages/iMessages in

Question 2: How to Access/View Text Messages/iMessages on iCloud?

Answer: Just like Question 1 says the iCloud backup does contain text messages and iMessages, however, normally, unless you plan to restore your iPhone from iCloud backup at the expense of erasing all existing content on your iPhone, or there is no way for us to access or view text messages on iCloud. If you want to view iCloud messages without restoring iDevice, the guide above is the only way.

Question 3: How to View Messages or iMessges Online?

Answer: Several days ago, one of our users messaged us, his iPhone’s screen didn’t work, he could see his iPhone receive messages, but he couldn’t open his iPhone to check his messages. So he asked us, whether he can receive or check iMessages in iCloud, or whether there is any way to view messages online.

If you are stuck on a similar situation and want to check or view messages online, we are sorry to tell you that, you can’t view or check messages online. The only way to receive or check iMessages is logging in your Apple ID in another Apple Devices, like Mac (including iMac, Mac Pro, MacBook), iPhone, iPad or iPod touch. About how to set up and activate iPad/iPod touch or Mac computer to receive messages, you can follow the two guides below:

How to Receive Messages on iPad >

How to Received and Send Messages on Mac >

Question 4: How to View Messages/iMessages on PC/Mac Computer?

Answer: Just like we said in Question 3, you can log in your Apple ID on Apple’s Devices and then recive and send messages, so if you are working with a Mac computer, you can check or view messages/iMessages on your Mac. But if you are working with PC - a Windows computer, unfortunately, you can’t do the same thing with your PC.

No matter you are working with a Mac computer or not, and your iPhone still can be recognized by your computer, you have another way to check or view messages/iMessages from computer – with AnyTrans, which allows you to read text messages and iMessages on PC/Mac computer, and then export them to computer for backup. Just like the following screenshot shows:

Check or View Messages/iMessages from PC/Mac Computer

Check or View Messages/iMessages from PC/Mac Computer

Now Download AnyTrans on your computer, then read or check messages from your computer by following this guide: How to Read Text Messaegs/iMessages from PC/Mac Computer >

Question 5: How to Add/Save/Back Up Messages to iCloud?

Answer: About how to add, save or backup messages to iCloud, just like we mentioned in Question 1, all the messages on iPhone, including Text Messages, iMessages, SMS messages, MMS messages, are included in iCloud backup. Therefore, when you are backing up your iPhone to iCloud, your messages will be backed up automatically. This means you don’t need to back up messages specially, and you also can’t back up only messages to iCloud. During this process, almost all the content on your iPhone will be backed up.

If you just want to back up messages instead of the whole iPhone content, you can consider backing them up to computer, this guide – How to Transfer Messages from iPhone to Computer for Backup can help you make it.

The Bottom Line

We have talked about how to check or view messages in iCloud, and also answered some iCloud related questions, hope they are useful, and can solve your problem. If you have any question about iCloud messages, or have any problem when viewing or checking messages/iMessages in iCloud, messages us by clicking the Chat Window in the bottom right corner. Now Download PhoneRescue to Access and View Messages in iCloud >

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