Recover Data from Phone That Won’t Turn On

Are you wondering about how to recover data from a phone that won’t turn on? A phone that won’t turn ON might seem useless, but you can still retrieve the data from it by using the effective methods that we have listed here! Read on and solve your issue without any hassle!

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Many users reported that they want to retrieve pictures from a Samsung Galaxy phone that is not turning ON! As we all know, Android is always good to go device that boasts a variety of features, but sometimes creates issues due to system errors.

One such common issue faced by multiple Android users is that their devices won’t turn ON, and the most serious problem is how to retrieve data from a broken phone! This issue might seem to be quite challenging at the first go, but in reality, it is not as tough as it sounds by getting your hands on the correct methods!

If your phone is water damaged, completely powerless, or totally non-working, etc., here we’ll share top solutions to recover data from the phone that won’t turn on. Besides, there are still some quick fixes to fix the phone that won’t turn ON without data loss.

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Can you Get Data Off a Phone That Won’t Turn On?

Before moving on to the methods of “how to recover data from a phone that won’t turn on,” it’s crucial for you to know why this issue arises and whether it is really possible to get data off a phone that is not turning ON.

Firstly, talking about the reasons behind this problem, then your Android device won’t turn ON due to any one or more reasons stated below!

  • Your Android device is frozen in sleep mode or power-off mode. In this case, it will fail to switch ON when you initiate it.
  • The battery needs to be charged.
  • The installed software or Operating System might be corrupted.
  • Your Android device is clogged up with lint and dust, thus causing the hardware not to work perfectly.
  • The Power Button is broken and the required action can not trigger your Android device.

As you have got to know the reasons why your Android device won’t turn ON, now it’s time for you to know whether you can retrieve the data from such an Android device or not!

The answer to this question is “YES”! Fortunately, you can quickly recover data from a phone that won’t turn on, but this is possible only if you follow the right methods. So, let’s discover the best methods to do this in the following section of this article.

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How to Recover Data from Phone That Won’t Turn On?

“How to get pictures off a broken phone that won’t turn on” is no longer a problem with effective solutions below! Due to the availability of data in the SD Card or phone backup, you can quickly recover the data from the phone that won’t turn ON simply by using your PC.

So, here’s a list of top methods that will make the entire process of recovering the data hassle-free and quick!

Way 1. Extract Files from SD Card Android

The first and foremost way to recover data from the phone that won’t turn on is by extracting files from the SD card. For this, you simply need to retrieve the data by using a USB card reader.

Here’s how it goes!

Step 1. Remove the SD card from your Android device and insert it into the USB card reader.

Step 2. Now, connect the USB card reader to your PC.

Step 3. Once the computer detects the USB card reader, all the data saved in your Android phone will be displayed on the screen.

You can try to open the file and check the relevant data that you are looking for! If you found your SD card is accidentally formatted, try to recover files on the formatted SD card here.

Way 2. Save Data with Extraction Tool

Usually, you can extract some limited data types, like photos, videos, audio, documents, etc. that you stored on an SD card. But if you also want to get contacts, or more Android data off the broken phone, a complete Android solution – DroidKit helps you do.

DriodKit helps you to fix the phone that won’t turn on and furtherly recover the data on the dead phone. You can recover pictures, contacts, messages, WhatsApp & Line media files, etc. It covers all broken Samsung devices caused by any system issue. Whether your phone is non-working, water damaged, black screen, etc., you can recover data from your phone with DroidKit. No USB debugging. Before recovery, you can also preview your internal data and extract them selectively or wholly.

Here’s how to recover data from a phone that won’t turn on:

Step 1. Get the latest version of DroidKit on your computer (supports Windows PC & Mac).

Free Download

Free Download

* 100% Clean & Safe

Free Download * 100% Clean & Safe

Step 2. Launch the software and connect your dead phone > Head to Extract Needed Data and choose From System System Crashed Device.

Select Extract from System Crashed Device

Select Extract from System Crashed Device

Step 3. Preview what data type that you can recover with DroidKit. Here we take Photos as an example.

Select Photos and Start

Select Photos and Start

Step 4. Put your device into recovery mode and get a PDA code. Then enter the code and click Download Firmware to fix broken system.

Enter PDA Code

Enter PDA Code

Step 5. Once you get the System Fixed Successfully page, you can tap on Scan Now button.

Crashed System Fixed Successfully

Crashed System Fixed Successfully

Step 6. Later, all your photos in the internal storage will be listed here. Choose the wanted files to get pictures off the phone that won’t turn on.

Select the Data to Recover from Crashed Phone

Select the Data to Recover from Crashed Phone

Way 3. Recover Data from Phone Backup

Another way to recover data from a phone that won’t turn ON is by using the phone’s backup. You can use multiple cloud storage services like Google Drive to back up the data from the internal memory of your dead Android device.

Here’s a detailed guide on how to recover the data from Google Drive backup.

Step 1: Go to Google Drive’s official website on your PC and log in to your Google account with the email ID that is linked with your Android device.

Sign into your Google Account

Sign into your Google Account

Step 2: On the main interface of Google Drive, click on “Storage” and then tap on “Backups” option at the top-right corner of the screen.

Click on Storage and Backups

Click on Storage and Backups

Step 3: Here, you will see the latest backup of all the devices connected with your Google account. You can simply click on the backup file related to your Android device and hit the “Download” button to recover the backup on your PC.

Choose and Download the Backup that you Need

Choose and Download the Backup that you Need

It was easy to recover data from the phone that won’t turn on by using phone backup!

Try to Fix the Phone that Won’t Turn On without Data Loss

Here, as a bonus tip, we will let you know some of the best quick fixes to fix the Android device that won’t turn ON. All these quick fixes are easy to get your hands on, and you will be able to fix your Android device without causing any data loss!

Method 1. Wipe Cache Partition

Your Android device creates cache files so that the applications and software on your device can be accessed quickly than before. So, you can simply try wiping the cache partition to turn ON your device but always remember that you won’t lose any data to enter Recovery Mode and wipe cache partition.

Here’s a guide on how to wipe cache partition on a Samsung device!

Step 1: Long press the “Volume Up” button + “Home” button and “Power” button simultaneously.

Step 2: Leave the “Power” button only as soon as the Samsung logo appears on the screen with Recovery Mode on.

Step 3: Now, use the “Volume Down” button to navigate to the “Wipe Cache Partition” option and press the “Power” button to make a selection.

You have successfully cleared the cache partition in your Android device. You can now check if your device is turning ON or not! If no then try fixing it with the next method.

Method 2. Remove the SD Card

The SD Card or Memory Card in your Android device might be a possible reason that won’t let your Android device Turn ON. So, you can simply try to move the SD Card out from your phone and reboot your Android device.

Take Out SD Card

Take Out SD Card

If you are able to turn ON your Android device after removing the SD card, then the SD Card is to blame.

If you want to recover data from your SD card, check this guide: The Best SD Card Recovery Software for Android >

Method 3. Charge Your Android Device

If your Android device refuses to boot at all even after pressing the “Power” button, then it might be out of power. Basically, it won’t boot instantly after your charge it because the battery might be completely drained out, and therefore you need to wait for a few minutes to let your phone turn ON.

So, simply plug in the charger to your Android device, leave it for 30-40 minutes and then try turning it ON.

With any of the 3 methods above, you can easily fix your Android device that won’t turn without causing any data loss!

The Bottom Line

This article has clearly stated the best methods to recover data from a phone that won’t turn on! You can follow any of the methods of your choice above but make sure to follow the step-by-step guide appropriately so that you won’t be stuck in between.

So, what are you waiting for? Get your hands on any of the quick fixes above and retrieve the data of your Android device flawlessly. Also, don’t forget to try fixing your Android device by following the fixes that won’t cause data loss!

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