How to Delete Photos from iCloud


How to delete photos from iCloud with ease? This tutorial will offer several great methods to delete photos from iCloud easily, and also give you the tips and tricks to recover deleted photos by mistake and backup photos on your iPhone.


August 30, 2016


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iCloud is simply a service that keeps all your devices in sync. iCloud Photo Library and iCloud Drive keep all your photos, videos, and documents stored securely and updated everywhere. However, iCloud only offers 5 GB space available for free and users have to pay for the beyond space on iCloud. Actually, if you keep the habit of managing your iCloud storage, like removing old backups, deleting unwanted photos, videos, documents, files and more, you won’t need to waste money to buy more storage any longer.

Hundreds of photos on iCloud storage will take up almost full space, and it seems has little space to store new data. At this time, if you know how to delete photos from iCloud, you can delete unwanted photos or videos from the iCloud and free up more space easily. Here we will offer several methods to help you out and also tell you how to backup photos from your iPhone and how to quickly recover deleted photos by mistake.

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Part 1. How to Delete Photos from iCloud – Delete Photos from My Photos Stream

When you turn on My Photo Stream on your iPhone, iPad and iPod touch, it can automatically upload new photos and send them to all of your iCloud devices when connected Wi-Fi. However, this creates two copies of the same photos and videos, which will take up more space. Therefore, it is suggested you turn off My Photo Stream to save more space on devices.

1. Open Photos on devices (iPhone, iPad and iPod touch) > Tab Albums > My Photo Stream > Tap Select > Tap one and more photos > Tap on Trash icon > Tap Delete Photos

2. Open Settings on devices > Tap on Photos & Camera > Turn off My Photo Stream

How to Delete Photos from iCloud - Turn off My Photo Stream

How to Delete Photos from iCloud - Turn off My Photo Stream

The following photos won’t be deleted while deleting photos from My Photo Stream

1. Photos that you copied to the Photos tab or Camera Roll on your iOS device.

2. Photos that you imported into your iPhoto/Photos on your computer.

3. Photos that you copied into a folder on your PC that aren't part of My Photo Stream.

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Part 2. How to Delete Photos from iCloud – Disable iCloud Photos Library

iCloud Photo Library automatically keeps every photo and video you take in iCloud, so you can access your library from any device, anytime you want. It also organizes your photos and videos into Moments, Collections, and Years. So you can quickly find the moment you're looking for everywhere you go. If you want to delete photos from iCloud, you can turn off iCloud Photo Library to free up space on your iCloud.

To do so: go to Setting on devices > Tap on iCloud > (iOS 9) Storage > Manage Storage > iCloud Photo Library > Tap on Disable and Delete.

How to Delete Photos from iCloud Photos Library

How to Delete Photos from iCloud Photos Library

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Part 3. How to Delete Photos from iCloud – Delete Photos from iCloud Backup

Deleting photos from iCloud backup is a simple way to free up iCloud storage. What you should do is to Open Settings on your iPhone, iPad, and then:

iOS 9: Tap on iCloud > Tap on Storage > Manage Storage > Turn off Photo Library.

iOS 8: Tap on iCloud > Storage & Manage > Manage Storage > Turn off Camera Roll.

How to Delete Photos from iCloud Bakcup

How to Delete Photos from iCloud Bakcup

How to backup your iPhone, iPad and iPod in a trouble-free method?

To keep your photos, videos, music and more safety, backup your iPhone, iPad and iPod is pretty important. You can use iCloud/iTunes to make a backup of your iPhone. Before getting started: Connect your iPhone with workable Wi-Fi network, and then:

iCloud: Go to Setting on iPhone (iPad, iPod) > Tap on iCloud > Scroll down and tap Backup > Toggle iCloud Backup on > Tap on iCloud Bakcup now.

iTunes: Open iTunes > Connect your iPhone (iPad, iPod) with computer > Click iPhone icon > Summary > Select Automatically Back Up iCloud/ This Computer > Click Sync.

When you need to extract and recover photos, messages, notes and more from the backup, the best iPhone backup extractorAnyTrans will help you fix this trouble without hassles.

Part 4. How to Delete Photos from iCloud – Delete Photos from

You can also delete photos from iCloud on your computer in a quick way, all your need to do is to login with your Apple ID, and then:

Click on Photos on > Click Select Photos on the top right menu bar > Select the photos you want to delete from iCloud > Click Delete.

How to Delete Photos from iCloud – Delete Photos from

How to Delete Photos from iCloud – Delete Photos from

If you mistakenly deleted photos from, you can recover the deleted photos by clicking on > Albums > Recently Deleted > Select Photos > Click Recover to get them back. However, if you delete photos unexpectedly from Camera Roll on your iPhone and cannot recover them from Trash, or if you want to recover deleted photos from iTune/iCloud backup, just let PhoneRescue help you out.

How to Recover Deleted Photos from iPhone – PhoneRescue

Working as one of the best iPhone data recovery software, PhoneRescue enables to recover deleted/lost photos, messages, videos, history, notes and up to 25 + types of files from iOS devices, from iTunes backup or from iCloud. With it, you can view all details of photos or other files from your devices, and then recover them by one-click without any data loss.

The Bottom Line

With these methods in this guide, you can make it easy to delete photos from iCloud and make a full backup of your devices before deleting. If you delete the important photos carelessly on your iPhone, PhoneRescue is your powerful helper. Besides, if you have any questions about iOS devices, free to contact us by joining our discussion bellow, and we will try our best to help you out.

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