Downgrade WhatsApp on iPhone

Unsatisfied with WhatsApp’s update? Want to download the old version back to your iPhone but don’t know how? Here in this article, we are going to introduce some tips about how to downgrade WhatsApp iPhone.

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App update happens from time to time, sometimes the update will not come up to the expectation of users. Apart from complaining about the update tweaks, some users would seek for a more realistic method, which is to downgrade apps on iPhone.

For WhatsApp users, one annoying update is about the Status, with this function, you can share a photo or video with your friends for 24 hours. It is said that this feature is similar with Snapchat and Instagram. A great number of users have complained that the update of adding Status is totally unnecessary. Because the biggest feature of WhatsApp is its simplicity. As a result, many users want to downgrade WhatsApp to the old version. Here in this post, we are going to focus on how to downgrade WhatsApp on iPhone, just keep reading.

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Downgrade WhatsApp with the Help of iTunes

If you have regularly backed up your iPhone with iTunes, it is very easy for you to downgrade WhatsApp with iTunes. But before start introducing this method, we have to make it clear that for iTunes version before 12.7, users could manage apps directly in iTunes, so this method requires your iTunes to be iTunes 12.6 or older and have a backup contains old version of WhatsApp. Now please follow this step-by-step guide to see how to downgrade WhatsApp iPhone with iTunes.

Step 1 Delete updated WhatsApp in your iPhone first. Connect your iPhone to your computer and open iTunes.

Step 2 Do not sync your iPhone with iTunes, click your iPhone device in the left side of iTunes and find Apps.

Step 3 Under ‘Apps’ you will find all the apps you have downloaded before. Find WhatsApp, make sure it is an un-updated one. Click Apply, then the old version of WhatsApp will be applied on your iPhone.

Manage Apps in iTunes 12.6 or older

Manage Apps in iTunes 12.6 or older

For those users who stay in iTunes 12.7 or later, there’s still an alternative to downgrade WhatsApp on iPhone. Here we recommend AnyTrans for iOS. These are the reasons why we choose AnyTrans.

  • AnyTrans supports you to backup apps in its App Library. With this backup, you could easily realize app downgrade when you not satisfied with the update.
  • If you want to download the new versions of apps, AnyTrans for iOS also enables you to download without overwriting the backups.
  • AnyTrans also supports backup the home screen layout as well as categorize your apps by function and by color. Just need one click, convenience and easy.

How to Downgrade WhatsApp iPhone with AnyTrans

Now just free download AnyTrans for iOS and try to downgrade WhatsApp on iPhone.

Free Download

Free Download

* 100% Clean & Safe

Free Download * 100% Clean & Safe

Step 1 Install and run AnyTrans on your computer, connect your iPhone to it. Choose Device Manager and scroll down to the interface of managing category by content, click Apps.

Downgrade WhatsApp on iPhone with AnyTrans - Step 1

Downgrade WhatsApp on iPhone with AnyTrans – Step 1

Step 2 Find WhatsApp, click download at the upper right corner of the interface, then sign in your Apple ID to proceed downloading.

Downgrade WhatsApp on iPhone with AnyTrans - Step 2

Downgrade WhatsApp on iPhone with AnyTrans – Step 2

Step 3 When finishing downloading, click at the top of the interface to turn to App Downloader.

Downgrade WhatsApp on iPhone with AnyTrans - Step 3

Downgrade WhatsApp on iPhone with AnyTrans – Step 3

Step 4 In App Library, all your downloaded apps will be stored. The version number of each app is showing in the middle. When you want to downgrade WhatsApp, go to App Library in AnyTrans, find WhatsApp and click Install to Device. Then the old version of WhatsApp will be downloaded to your iPhone.

Downgrade WhatsApp on iPhone with AnyTrans - Step 4

Downgrade WhatsApp on iPhone with AnyTrans – Step 4

The Bottom Line

App updates are unavoidable, and it is not easy for Apple users to downgrade an app. But with AnyTrans for iOS, you could backup different versions of apps regularly and download them back once you need an old version. Hope AnyTrans for iOS will come in handy for your app management.

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