How to Restore Disappeared Calendar on iPhone


If you find iPhone calendar events disappear, you can try the tips in this guide to fix it.


Jan. 21, 2017


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You may accidentally found that your calendar events disappeared from your iPhone after upgrading to a new iOS operating system, doing a factory setting, or restoring from iCloud or iTunes backup. Just calm down and try the tips below.

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5 Tips to Get Back Disappeared Calendar from iPhone

Tip 1. Reboot your iPhone, or force restart your iPhone by holding on both home button and power/sleep button. And then open Calendar app on your iPhone.

Tip 2. Check whether you have connected iPhone to the Internet. If you are using iCloud calendar or other cloud calendar service, you should have your iPhone connected to Wi-Fi or cellular networks.

Tip 3. If you are using iCloud calendar or some other online calendar services, make sure you have turned on Calendar sync by Settings > Mail, Contacts, Calendars.

Tip 4. If you have backed up calendar to iCloud or iTunes, you can restore your iPhone from the backup to retrieve disappeared iPhone calendar events, but before you do this, you should know that all contents would be erased and then replaced by the backup data. So remember to make a new backup with your iPhone if you decide to use this method.

Tip 5. You can use some iPhone backup extractor to check whether there are some lost calendar events on your iTunes backup before restoring your iPhone. And some of extracting tools, such as PhoneRescue for iOS, enable you to directly extract calendar contents from iPhone backup. Here are the detailed steps about how to get calendar events from iTunes backup.

Step 1. Go to the download page of PhoneRescue and click iOS Data Recovery to download and install on your computer > Launch it and connect your iPhone to computer > Choose Recover from iTunes backup > Click the Right Arrow on the bottom right corner.

How to Fix iPhone Calendar Events Disappear – Step 1

How to Fix iPhone Calendar Events Disappear – Step 1

Step 2. Choose the right iTunes backup > Click Right Arrow and it will scan the backup. By default, all categories will be selected. Please uncheck Select All option and then choose Calendar.

How to Fix Calendar Disappeared from iPhone – Step 2

How to Fix Calendar Disappeared from iPhone – Step 2

Step 3. Preview and select the calendar evens you want to get back > Recover the events to your iPhone or computer as per your needs.

How to Get Calendar Events Backup on iPhone – Step 3

How to Get Calendar Events Backup on iPhone – Step 3

The Bottom Line

Besides, calendar, disappeared iPhone text messages, contacts, photos, notes, etc. are also on PhoneRescue for iOS recovering list. Why not have a try with it now? You may have some better methods to solve this iPhone calendar events disappear problem, just post them on the comment section below to share with us.

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