How to Transfer Music from iPod to iTunes In Minutes

Read on this tutorial if you found yourself in one of below situations:

  • Have lost iTunes content by reformatting / replacing computer, or due to any kind of data corruption.
  • Have got to rebuild iTunes but sick of ripping CDs or repurchase the songs that you already own.
  • Want to merge iTunes library or extract new songs from multiple iPods.

PodTrans Pro™ - One-Click Transfer Music from iPod to iTunes in No Time!

PodTrans Pro™ - Powerful iPod Music Transfer

Free download this iPod music transfer tool firstly and then get music from iPod to iTunes library after reading this guide about how to transfer music from iPod to iTunes.

[ Last Updated: Apr. 08, 2015 ]

iTunes keeps all your music in one place assuming they will be safe forever. Until one day you found your computer got a sudden breakdown, and all your lovely tunes saved there were lost. At this moment, an iPod could become a lifesaver. Whatever songs you purchased from the iTunes Store, or imported from CD collection, are supposed to have a full copy on your iPod.

So how do you transfer music from iPod to iTunes? What about your artworks, your ratings and play records, and your playlists? Probably it took years to build up that beautiful music library, but how could you get it back? Keep reading the rest part to get the solution in minutes.

The Tool You'll Need

All you need is a professional iPod to iTunes Transfer program that is easy-to-use, efficient & capable of rescuing your digital properties. PodTrans Pro™ is the way to go. Why?

1. To bring a convenient & immediate salvage solution, PodTrans Pro™ simplifies the workflow and lets you transfer particular Music, Podcast, Audiobook, iTunes U and more from your iPod to computer, and vice versa.

2. Besides the music itself, PodTrans Pro™ also perfectly keeps your personal data like playlists, ratings, plays, artworks and everything you need.

3. Developed by Apple Certified Developers, PodTrans Pro™ guarantees you with the safety of your digital files as well as the usability of the program.

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How to Transfer Music from iPod to iTunes Library with iMobie PodTrans

Step 1: Open PodTrans Pro™ > Connect your iPod to the computer and you'll see:

How to Transfer Music from iPod to iTunes - Step 1

How to Transfer Music from iPod to iTunes - Step 1

Step 2. Click "Audio", then Select "Music".

How to Transfer Music from iPod to iTunes - Step 2

How to Transfer Music from iPod to iTunes - Step 2

Step 3. Choose the music you want to transfer, then click the To iTunes button.

How to Transfer Music from iPod to iTunes - Step 3

How to Transfer Music from iPod to iTunes - Step 3

This tutorial is specially written for those users who are working with Windows computer. If you are Mac users, you can get music from iPod to iTunes library on Mac by reading this guide: How to Copy Music from iPod to iTunes library on Mac >

With PodTrans Pro™ taking care of the technical challenges, you don't have to. Start Free Trial

Apart from Transferring Music from iPod to iTunes, PodTrans Pro™ also:

  • Helps to add music to your iPods from a portion of iTunes libraries on different computers. As there is no iTunes syncing involved, so the newly added songs won't erase existing ones.
  • Unconstrainedly moves music, movies, podcasts, iTunes U and other content between two iPods, an ultimate method to populate your new bought iPods.
  • Latest updates to support iPod media conversion, creates up to 320Kbps AAC music file (probably offers the best in audio quality) while importing songs to iPod.
  • Don't stop here, Download PodTrans Pro™ now to explore more, and please be free to contact us via Email ( if you have any question about PodTrans or meet any problem when transferring music from iPod to iTunes with PodTrans.

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I unloaded all the music off of my iPod Nano to iTunes with no problem. I just assumed because it was so old no software would support it-but hey...PODTRANS PRO said it would work on any iPod, and it did. This was a great, super fast program.
Dec 27, 2012 | By Fangprintz
I've always put off getting any Apple product simply because I can't stand iTunes (too bloated & fiddly for my liking) & have never found any program that could replace it & be easy to use. Downloaded PodTrans Pro, tried it once & bought it immediately! Superb software, easy to transfer stuff to & from iPod.
May 31, 2013 | By Billy Bones

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