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How to Bypass a Forgotten iPhone iPad iPod Backup Password with 2 Methods

Want to bypass the passcode on an encrypted iTunes backup but don’t know how? We write this guide to share with you 2 methods about how to bypass iPhone iPad iPod backup password in all iOS versions.

Q: How do you bypass the passcode on an encrypted backup? I backed up my iPhone onto my computer using iTunes. I did not encrypt the backup. However when I went to restore the backup to the iPhone, it asks for a password. Knowing that I did not encrypt the backup, is there any way to bypass this password to get to my backup?

-- An iPhone 6s User from Apple Communities

As you see, an iPhone 6s user from Apple communities put forward such a question. Many users also have this question too. So, do you also looking for methods to bypass iTunes backup password?

There are two methods can help you bypass iTunes backup password, but they have some differences. Method 1 is mainly for iOS 11 & later backups, and will remove previous backup data. Method 2 is applying for all iOS versions and without data losing, but it’s a paid way. You can choose the one according to your situation.

Method 1: Bypass iTunes Backup password with iOS DeviceMethod 2: Bypass iTunes Backup Password with Backup Unlocker

Method 1: Bypass iTunes Backup Password with iOS Device

As mentioned before, this method is mainly for iOS 11 and later, and you’ll not be allowed to use previous iTunes backup any more. But, this is the simplest way to bypass a forgotten iTunes backup password. If you still need some important data in the previous iTunes backup, then you can move to Method 2.

To bypass iTunes backup password on iOS device, you should:

1. On your iOS device, go to Settings, find General.

2. Find "Reset" and select “Reset All Settings”.

How to Bypass iTunes Backup password with iOS Device

How to Bypass iTunes Backup password with iOS Device

After resetting all Settings on your iOS device, your encryption backup password will be removed. This won’t affect the data on your device, which just resets settings like display brightness, wallpaper and something like that.

Method 2: Bypass iTunes Backup Password with Backup Unlocker

In many cases, you may want to restore data from old iPhone or iPad backups, so, the data in the backup is important for you that you don’t want to remove. However, Apple doesn’t provide you a way to recover your lost backup password, and also tells you that there is no way to recover your information. Fortunately, some best iTunes backup unlocker software still can help you find out your lost or forgotten iTunes backup password.

You know that a password may contains uppercase and lowercase letters, numbers, special symbols, and space, etc., so, there may exist tens of thousands of combinations and even more. It is impossible for you to try all combinations one by one. However, iTunes backup unlocker can check thousands of passwords per second, so they’re capable of the ability to check all the combinations till find out the right one for you.

To get started, you need to choose one iTunes backup unlocker at first. There are many iTunes backup unlocker (also called iPhone backup unlocker) software in the market, risk-free & easy to use. How to choose one that suits you best? The criterions of the best iPhone backup unlocker depend on your specific demand.

Then, with the iTunes backup unlocker software you selected, you can recover the lost iTunes backup password with steps: 1. choose an encrypted backup file; 2. select attack type and set attributes; 3. click "Start" button to activate the recover process. It will automatically try all possible characters combinations. It may also take a very long time especially when your password is very long and very complicated.

The Bottom Line

As mentioned before, this guide introduces two methods for you to bypass iTunes backup password. If the encrypted backup is useless for you and your iOS device is running on iOS 11 & later, you can use Method 1. If you still need the data in the encrypted backup, you can adopt Method 2. With Method 2 to find out your password, then you can restore all the contacts, call logs, voice mail and email account settings, applications, photos and so on from the encrypted iTunes backup.

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