How to Delete iCloud Account Without Password on iPhone/iPad/iPod


How to remove iCloud account without password? Read this guide to get solutions of deleting your iCloud account.

July. 19, 2017


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If you have more than one iCloud accounts, or you just made a new Apple ID, you may want to delete the old iCloud account on your iPhone or iPad in order to change it to another account. It will be simply done by enter your password of your Apple ID to delete the account, however, if you have forgotten the iCloud password and want to delete the iCloud account without a password, that process will be a little difficult. In this article, we will show you 2 methods to help you make it with ease.

Method 1. How to Delete iCloud Account Without Password on iDevice

This method is suitable for iOS device running on iOS 7 and earlier, if your iOS is higher, you can go to Method 2

If your iOS device is running on iOS 7 or earlier, the following steps will help you delete iCloud account without password.

Step 1. On your device, open the Settings and press on iCloud.

Step 2. Tap on the iCloud option, you will be asked for the password. Put in any random number in its place. And tap on Done.

Step 3. After entering the random number. iCloud will tell you that it’s not correct. Then tap on OK and hit Cancel. You will be directed towards the iCloud page again.

Step 4. Press Account one more time, erase the Description and tap on done.

Step 5. This time you will be taken back to the main iCloud page without the password option. The Find My iPhone feature will be auto turned off.

Step 6. Now, scroll down and press delete. You will be promoted to confirm the deletion, tap on Delete to confirm.

Method 2. Delete iCloud Account Without Password by Resetting It

We’re sorry for can’t offer you the direct way to help you delete iCloud account without the password. But, you can have a try on resetting your password, and you know that Apple provides 3 ways to reset the Apple ID password:

1. Email, password, and security questions.

2. Two-factor authentication.

3. Two-step verification.

There is no shortcut to do this, you have to reset your password of your Apple ID. If all these methods can’t help you out, you can contact Apple Support for more help.

The Bottom Line

That’s all for how to delete iCloud account without password. By the way, PhoneClean can  help you delete unwanted files and junk files to free up your iPhone. If you fond of it, you can download and give it a try.

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