How to Quickly Fix Samsung Phone Keeps Restarting Issue

If your Samsung Samsung Galaxy S9/S8/S7 is faced with keeping restarting issue, you can refer to the guide to bring your Samsung device back to normal.

Joy Taylor Last Updated: May. 26, 2021

As an Android user, you may find it upset when your Android device is stuck in a boot loop. Similarly, it can be an annoying issue when you see your Samsung phone keeps restarting. When the issue arises, questions such as “why does my Samsung phone keep restarting?” and “what to do if Samsung phone keeps restarting?” might pop up in your mind. Nevertheless, this error can frequently occur among Samsung Galaxy S9/S8/S7 users.

In this article, we will reveal the reasons behind the “Samsung keeps restarting itself” issue. And then demonstrate what you can do when your Samsung device keeps restarting.

Fix Samsung Phone Keeps Restarting Issue

Fix Samsung Phone Keeps Restarting Issue

Why Does My Samsung Phone Keeps Restarting?

Like many other Samsung issues such as Samsung won’t turn onstuck on Samsung logo and Samsung Pay not working issuesthe common reasons for Samsung keeping restarting can be divided into hardware issues and software issues.

Hardware issues always refer to its electronic accessories errors including:

  • Old or unstable battery
  • Bad SIM card contact
  • Faulty chips
  • Over-heated mainboard

If your Samsung device suffers from external violence, these elements might be broken, which can further result in restarting issue. Additionally, using your Samsung device for a long time can also bring about the restarting problem.

On the other hand, software issues are more difficult to be detected because it varies from models to models. Nevertheless, It can always result from the recent changes to your Samsung phones.

  • Device Rooting Error. After a root, your Samsung device may take a risk of restarting at any time when you are chatting on the phone or messaging your friends. If this occurs, you are suggested to wipe the cache partition or unroot your Android device. More importantly, next time when you want to root your Samsung device, you’d better understand the disadvantages of rooting your Android phone.
  • Software conflict. It appears when you have downloaded and installed a third-party application that is not compatible with the Android operating system. In this situation, you need to delete the faulty apps and wipe the cache in Google Play Store at the same time.

What to Do If Samsung Phone Keeps Restarting?

Once we have learned the reasons behind the Samsung phone keeps restarting the issue, we will want to figure out how I stop my Galaxy S9/S8/S7 from restarting. As this is a common error for most Samsung users, we can quickly fix it with several solutions.

In this post, I will introduce 5 easy methods to fix Samsung phones from restarting. Please take a few minutes to read the post and recover your Samsung phone with simple clicks.

Turn Off Your Samsung Galaxy Phones

Normally, you can turn off Samsung Galaxy S9/S8/S7 by long-pressing the “power button” on the right side for about 10 seconds. Then your Samsung devices will turn off automatically.

Turn Off Samsung Phones

Turn Off Samsung Phones

If the device fails to turn off, you are suggested to force shut down the phone. Differentiated from other Samsung models, Samsung Galaxy S7/S8/S9 are charged with built-in batteries that cannot be removed by their users.

In this situation, you can:

  1. Press down a combination of buttons, including “Home button”, “Volume-down button” and “Power button” for 7 – 10 seconds to reboot the device.
  2. Press down the “Power button” again to shut down the device. Once your Samsung device is turned off, please leave it for at least 30 minutes to completely cool it down before turning on the device.

Pull Off the SD Card

You can also try to fix the issue by pulling off its micro SD card. It has worked for a large group of Samsung Galaxy S9/S8/S7 fans since the issue occurred several years ago. To pull off its SD card, you can:

  1. Insert the card needle into the port of the SD card slot.
  2. Slightly pull out the SD card.
  3. Remove the SD card to check whether the Samsung device still keeps restarting.
Pull Off the SD Card

Pull Off the SD Card

Remove the Latest-installed Software

It is time to delete the latest-installed software if the mentioned methods cannot fix the issue yet. As mentioned in the last part, the third-party application might have a conflict with the Android system itself, so we are encouraged to delete the latest-installed software to stop the bad influence from other software. You can find out and get rid of these apps by long-pressing the app icons on the homepage.

Remove the Latest-installed Software

Remove the Latest-installed Software

Clean and Release the Storage

It is common for Android users that Android phones will be less sensitive when they have stored a large amount of data on their phone. Too many cache files or data can also lead to a series of system errors such as unexpected restarting issues.

Therefore, if you have used your Samsung device for a long time, you should think about whether you have never cleaned up your mobile phone.

You can check and release the storage under the “Settings” app: Settings > System > Storage > Cached data.

Clear Cached Data

Clear Cached Data

You can also check and delete redundant data and files via the “Smart Manager” app that is built-in Samsung phones.

Samsung Smart Manager App

Samsung Smart Manager App

Reinstall the Operating System

This is also known as factory reset. As I mentioned in the first part, if we break the Android operating system for unexpected reasons, we need to wipe the cache partition to bring the device to the initial normal condition.

Select the "wipe data/factory reset" Option

Select the “wipe data/factory reset” Option

Before restoring to the factory settings, it is highly important to back up your Samsung data, involving photos, contacts, call logs and other important data. To factory reset Samsung Galaxy S9/S8/S7 devices, you can:

  1. Charge your Samsung phone to 100% battery left and turn off the device.
  2. Press down the “Volume-up”, “Power” and “Home” buttons to access Recovery mode.
  3. Use the “Volume-up” and “Volume-down” buttons to choose the “wipe data/factory reset” option.
  4. Again, select “wipe cache partition” using the “Volume-up” and “Volume-down” buttons.
  5. Tap on the “Reboot System Now” option to bring your Samsung device to the initial situation.

Factory reset may take a few minutes to get your Samsung factory reset so that it’s better to perform this process with 100% battery left.

The Bottom Line

As one of the most famous mobile phone manufacturers, Samsung smartphone is aimed at the high-end market. However, according to the survey, we find that more and more Samsung users have been faced with the Samsung device keeps restarting issue. It is a frequently-happened problem for Samsung users, so, please take patience to read this guide to find out the easiest way to address the problem.

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