How to Fix Apple ID Locked for Security Reasons

How do I unlock my Apple ID if I forgot my security questions? Is your Apple ID locked for security reasons? If so, then go through this post and learn several different ways that can help you unlock your Apple ID that’s locked for security reasons.

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Apple ID Locked? Unlock without a Password via AnyUnlock

When you get locked out of Apple ID but forgot the password, free download AnyUnlock to unlock Apple ID. Then you can create a new Apple ID to enjoy Apple services. Check details here.

Encountering a message that says, “Your Apple ID has been locked for security reasons to unlock it, you must verify your identity” is frustrating. When Apple locked or disables your Apple ID, you’re not able to log in or use it for Apple services such as iCloud, App Store, or Apple Music.

Many people have the same confusion “Why has my Apple ID been locked?” “How do I unlock my Apple ID account?” Here in this post, we’d like to introduce why is your Apple ID locked for security reasons, how can we unlock an Apple ID locked iPhone, and even without a password.

Why is My Apple ID Locked?

If your Apple ID is locked or disabled, you will get This Apple ID has been disabled/locked for security reasons. Because Apple automatically disables or locks Apple IDs as they suspect are at risk of unauthorized access.

You will be locked out of Apple ID with the unusual user activity below:

  • Using several different tools for accessing iCloud data on the same account over a short duration of time.
  • Use of 3rd-party tools on the basis of open-source iCloud code.
  • Someone tried to sign in to your Apple ID wrong too many times.
  • Someone tried to enter your security questions wrong too many times.
  • Other Apple ID account info was interested wrong too many times.

Therefore, if you or someone else enters your password or other account information incorrectly too many times, your Apple ID will be locked. Next, continue reading the proven ways below to unlock your Apple ID!!

Reset Apple ID Password via Apple iforgot

Still, getting the message that says Apple ID locked for security reasons? One of the easiest ways to unlock your Apple ID account is to verify your identity with unlock. Below are the steps to help you learn how to unlock your Apple ID:

  1. To begin with, open
  2. Enter your Apple ID that’s locked due to security reasons and then press “Continue”.
  3. After then, you need to go through a few security questions and they’re part of your verification process. Apple just wants to ensure that your entered Apple ID is indeed yours.
  4. Follow the on-screen instructions to unlock your Apple ID.
Unlock Apple ID via iforgot

Unlock Apple ID via iforgot

Unlock Apple ID without Password

AnyUnlock is another way for you to unlock your Apple ID without a password or recovery number, even when you forgot the answers to security questions, or can’t verify through email. After your Apple ID gets unlocked, you can create a new Apple ID to enjoy Apple services again, also, turn on/off Find My iPhone, back up your iPhone/iPad/iPod touch via iTunes, etc.

Besides, as a password unlocker, AnyUnlock can help you remove the iPhone lock screen, MDM lock, iTunes backup password, etc.

AnyUnlock – How to Unlock your Apple ID

Free Download100% Clean & Safe

Free Download100% Clean & Safe

Free Download * 100% Clean & Safe

To remove Apple ID, you can follow the steps below to fix your issue:

Step 1: Download AnyUnlock on your Mac/PC > Launch it. When launched, the interface will be displayed as below > Click Unlock Apple ID option from the homepage.

Click Unlock Apple ID from the Homepage

Click Unlock Apple ID

Step 2: Click on the Start button.

Unlock Apple ID or Bypass iCloud Activation Lock

Locate Unlock Apple ID and Start

Step 3: Connect your iOS device to computer via USB cable. Once your iOS device is detected, the interface below will display. Click Unlock Now and continue.

Click the Unlock Now to Start the Unlocking Process

Click Unlock Now

Step 4: After that, AnyUnlock will start unlocking automatically if Find My iPhone is turned off. Wait for a while, you will get Apple ID removed successfully page below.

Apple ID Removed Successfully

Unlock Apple ID Successfully

If Find My iPhone is turned on and running iOS 11.4 or above, after clicking Unlock Now, you need to check and confirm your device status as the below picture shows. Then follow the on-screen instructions to continue unlocking your Apple ID.

Check Device Status

Check Device Status

After Apple ID is removed successfully, please do not erase all contents and settings on the device or restore the device with iTunes.

Remove Locked Apple ID for security reasons [Video Tutorial]

Free Download

Free Download

* 100% Clean & Safe

Free Download * 100% Clean & Safe

Unlock Apple ID Using Two-Factor Authentication

Users who use two-factor authentication need a trusted device/phone number to reset their Apple ID passcode and unlock their accounts. With two-factor authentication, your Apple ID account can be accessed on trusted devices like your Mac, iPhone, iPad, or Apple Watch.

So, if you have enabled two-factor authentication, then we recommend you follow the below steps to unlock your Apple ID account:

On your iPhone/iPad/iPod Touch

  1. Open the “Settings” app.
  2. Click “[Your Name]” > Password & Security” > Change Password”.
  3. If you’re logged in to iCloud and have a password enabled, then you’ll be asked to enter the password for your device.
  4. Follow the on-screen instructions to change your password.
Change Password from iPhone

Change Password from iPhone

On your Mac

  1. Go to “Apple Menu” > “System Preferences”.
  2. If you’re using macOS Mojave, click “iCloud” > “Password & Security”. For macOS Mojave/High Sierra/Sierra, click “iCloud” >” Account Details”.
  3. If you’re requested to enter the password for your Apple ID, click on the “Forget Apple ID or password” and follow the on-screen instructions.
  4. Else, click “Change Password”. If you’re using macOS Mojave/High Sierra/ Sierra, then click “Security” > “Reset Password/Change Password”.
Change Apple ID Password from Mac

Change Apple ID Password from Mac

Unlock Apple ID Using Recovery Key

Do you have a recovery key? If yes, then you can use it to regain access to your Apple ID account. Below is the step-by-step guide on how to use Recovery Key to unlock your Apple ID.

  1. Open your Apple ID Account Page and tap on the “Forget Apple ID or Passcode”.
  2. Enter your target Apple ID, choose the option to reset your password, and then select “Continue”.
  3. Enter your recovery key.
  4. Select a trusted device and you’ll get a verification code on your trusted device.
  5. Use the receiving code to create a new password, and choose “Reset Password”.

Unlock Apple ID via Recovery Key

After resetting your password to unlock your Apple ID, you’ll be requested to log in again with your new passcode.

Some Possible Tips to Prevent This Issue from Happening Again

When your Apple ID has been locked for security reasons, the situation becomes quite maddening. So, we’re going to share some handy tips to help you prevent this problem from happening again:

  • Don’t ever give your Apple ID account to others.

If you give your Apple ID to many people, chances are high that one of them may try to be “that guy” and disable your account by attempting to gain unauthorized access or entering a passcode incorrectly several times on purpose.

  • Only sign-in to your Apple ID via Apple.

Lots of people are scammed every day. A mocked-up site, a false attempt, or phishing email claims to be official Apple and makes you to sign-in with your Apple ID. Stay away from these types of prompts to sign-in to your Apple ID unless you’re 100% sure that they’re only from Apple. Otherwise, your personal info might get disclosed.

  • Create and use a strong Apple ID passcode.

Prevent others from gaining unauthorized access to your Apple ID and playing with your account settings by simply having a powerful passcode that’s hard to guess.

  • Enable two-factor authentication/two-step verification.

These account recovery tactics are a lot easier than going through several security questions. Enable these settings on your iDevice for your Apple ID in order to enhance your account’s security.

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The Bottom Line

How long do you get locked out of Apple ID? With the methods above, there’s no need to worry locked out of Apple ID forever. Because you can unlock Apple ID with or without a password. And, you can free download AnyUnlock to unlock Apple ID without password easily.

Free Download

Free Download

* 100% Clean & Safe

Free Download * 100% Clean & Safe

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