How to Fix iPhone Showing Phone Numbers Instead of Names

If you’re facing such a kind of situation that your iPhone showing phone numbers instead of names you saved in the contacts, don’t worry, read the following text to get the quick fixes.

Thea Lewis Last Updated: Dec. 31, 2019

Q: Contacts missing & not listed by name in messaging. Did 11.4 updates and I now have missing contacts? When I’m in messages everyone is listed by number not contact name. Even the contacts that are listed in my contacts are being shown by the number. Everyone’s photo is shown as well. Just no contact names.

An iPhone X User’s Contacts Missing Names after iOS Update

An iPhone X User’s Contacts Missing Names after iOS Update

The above info shows that an iPhone X user’s iPhone showing phone numbers instead of names in the Message app after updating his iPhone to iOS 11.4. Actually, we can’t say for sure what reasons may cause iPhone contacts name missing, but it does happen for various different reasons. Like the iOS update, iOS crash, unknown errors, or something like that. But what people reported most is iOS upgrading. iOS 12 is open to the public now, you may also meet this error after upgrading to iOS 12.

Definitely, it really brings a lot of trouble when it happens. When you pick up a phone call, you even don’t know who it is. So does in Message, iMessage, and WhatsApp. No matter what causes this annoying bug, fixing it in soon is what you want to do at first, right? To fix iPhone not showing contacts names but only phone numbers, 8 practical quick fixes were listed in the follow-up article to help you figure it out.

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Tip 1 Rebooting iPhone

You know that restarting iPhone can fix lots of common issues in most cases. So, just restart or force restart your iPhone to see if the contacts names come back again.

Tip 2 Refresh Contacts Database

Most people who encountering this issue find that contacts names just missing from the message or phone calls, when you open the Contact app, everything is OK, the names still there. So, you can have a try to edit any contact in the app, or just add more contacts to let the contacts database get refreshed.

Tip 3 Turn Contacts Off/On on iCloud

iPhone contacts name missing may be caused by syncing issue of contacts between iPhone and iCloud. So, if you didn’t find the above method of assistance, try to disable contacts on iCloud and enable it again. The steps are as follows.

Step 1 Go to Settings > Apple ID > iCloud >Turn the Contacts toggle off.

Step 2 It will ask you to delete or keep previously synced contacts. Choose “Delete from My iPhone”. Don’t worry you won’t losing anything, your contacts are still in iCloud.

Step 3 Restart your iPhone, also go to Settings > Apple ID > iCloud >Turn the Contacts toggle on. Now, your iCloud contacts should back on your iPhone.

Tip 4 Sign Out of iCloud and Sign in Back Again

Some people from Forums recommended to sign out and sign in back to iCloud on your iPhone. This may work for some of you. I think the operating principle is consistent with the Tip 3. So, if Tip 3 does not work, this may not work too. But, you can just have a try.

Tip 5 Ask Siri to Restore the Contacts

Another tip to fix iPhone contacts missing is to ask Siri to bring them back. Smart Siri, as a virtual assistant, which can do much more than what you can imagine. The contact names could also be recognized by Siri. So, just have a try.

Tip 6 Reset Network Settings

It is said that network connection error may lead iPhone contacts name missing. Therefore, reset network settings on your iPhone may be a useful way to fix this problem. You can make it by:

Step 1 Go to Settings > General.

Step 2 Find and tap Reset > Select Reset Networking Settings.

Fix iPhone Contacts Missing Names - Tip 7

Fix iPhone Contacts Missing Names – Tip 6

This will delete all network settings, returning them to factory defaults, won’t affect your data security.

Tip 7 Waiting for a While

This method applies to those who are not eager to solve this problem. For me, I have an iPhone 7, I went on a trip and my iPhone contacts name missing when I came back from abroad. I don’t know why but I don’t in a hurry to fix it. A few days later, it was back to normal again. So, if you’re also not in a hurry to get the names back, you can just wait for a while or several days, they may come back at some point.

After updating to new iOS, if you’re not only lost your iPhone contacts names, but also lost some important contacts info or other vital data, like messages, photos, notes, etc., then here is guide can help you retrieve lost data after iOS update.

The Bottom Line

That’s all for how to fix iPhone contacts name missing and only show phone numbers. If you have other solutions to this issue, welcome to leave in the comment. If you feel this article is helpful, also welcome to share it to help more people.

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