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AnyTrans is the higher-class version of PhoneTrans Pro that brings dozens of essential and premier content management solutions, which are specially redesigned for the latest iOS 8.

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PhoneTrans Pro

A Brilliant New Way to Expand Collection on Your iPhone, iPad and iTunes

With newly designed PhoneTrans Pro, you are now capable of transferring everything to your iPhone 5, iPad mini, iPod touch 5 and all the iOS Device as well.

PhoneTrans Pro brings you a shortcut to keep everything safe and duplicable. It will help you easily copy music or game progress to new iPhone and iPad or even backup them to iTunes library on a computer.

iWizard - The new media sync guide you've never experienced

PhoneTrans Pro iWizard

PhoneTrans Pro's iWizard gives you full control on transferring content among iPhone, iPad and iTunes. You can simply choose music, movies, TV shows, Books, iTunes U, Apps or even all items on your iPhone, and copy them to a new iPad. You are also able to backup important content to iTunes or rebuild iTunes library through USB cable as well as over Wi-Fi.

You'll never need to worry about the existing collection lost or get erased, or endure the endless full sync when you simply want to add few songs to iPhone.

Transfer your collection as it is

PhoneTrans Pro focuses on your playlist library because it's probably the most important treasure of you. Now, you can easily transfer all songs from iPhone to iTunes library, and vice versa. Thanks to iWizard and intelligent filter, everything in your playlist will be moved completely as your wish, no duplicated or omitted.

Moreover, your personal data like ratings, artworks, tags, play counts and entire media info would remain intact.

Transfer Music and Playlist
App Transfer

Full-featured App transfer more than iTunes & iCloud

We believe you have invested a lot of money and time on App Store, but you'll still worry about your game progress and achievement when you plan to upgrade your iPhone. You may try to backup App to iTunes or iCloud, but you always got blank game after re-installing to new device.

Now, without jail-breaking, PhoneTrans Pro helps you flexibly backup Apps with or without game data, as well as transfer game saves and personal settings in certain Apps to a new iPhone on the fly. More importantly, you can install Apps with PhoneTrans Pro, and don't have to lose existing Apps.

No incompatible format any more

Have a bunch of great movies but iTunes constantly refuses to sync to iPhone? PhoneTrans Pro is built in with powerful trans-coding engine that will convert all incompatible video/audio media to iDevice friendly format during the transferring. It will automatically optimize the video and audio quality according to your device's capability.

Without assistance of any third-party software, you can easily get 720P or 1080P Hi-definition H.264 video, and play them on iPhone, iPad, or enjoy on TV through AirPlay. It also converts incompatible audio to Hi-quality AAC when you import music or ringtones.

iPhone Converter
Fastest iPhone iPad Transfer

It's probably the fastest iPhone transfer ever

We concern all high technologies you can tell so as to make our software perfectly fits in. Now you are about to experience up to 3X faster speed just because PhoneTrans Pro fully supports USB 3.0 and Lightning interface. If you're used to sync device over Wi-Fi, then PhoneTrans Pro will help to upgrade 2X speed by using Ultrafast wireless.

We apply Multi-core CPU & Hyper-threading to media analyzing and employ the latest hardware acceleration for conversion. That's why you can cut 20 minutes process to about 5 min. We don't stop here and are keen on trying new techs so next version of PhoneTrans Pro could be faster.

Top Features

Support All iOS Devices Compatible with all iPhone, iPad and iPod ever made; Constantly updates to support upcoming iDevices.
iDevice-to-iDevice TransferMigrate iPhone music, movies and Apps to iPad, and vice versa. Straightforward transfer music from old iPhone to a new iPhone.
Rebuild iTunes Library Recover & rebuild iTunes library from iPhone in case you get a sudden breakdown on iTunes or PC hard drive.
New iWizard iWizard - offering a brand-new iDevice sync experience; faster, simpler and more powerful than iTunes or other similar software.
Complete App Transfer The only iPhone App Transfer supports transfer Apps between multiple devices; keeps all App data, game saves and personal settings.
Copy Playlist and More Create, merge, remove and transfer playlists between iPhone, iPad and iTunes; Keep ratings, artworks, tags, play-counts and all media info.
Freely Add iPhone Music Flexibly import music and movies without lose existing ones; No need of jailbreaking or performing a full iTunes sync.
Convert Video on the Fly Spontaneously detect incompatible video/audio files, and convert them to iDevice friendly format during the transferring.
Blazingly Fast Speed Support USB 3.0, Lightning, Ultrafast Wi-Fi, Multi-core CPU, Hyper-threading and hardware acceleration to achieve fastest speed.
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What Customers Say

PhoneTrans Pro lets you easily add, delete or rename iPhone music and movies. You can also transfer these types of files to and from your computer or iTunes library easily.

- Amber Sass

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