iOS 13 and iOS 13.1 Problems We Found (with Solutions)

This post lists some big problems we found in iOS 13 and iOS 13.1, and also gives some potential solutions to these issues. And we’ll keep this post updated.

By iMobie | Posted on: Sep. 20, 2019, Last Updated: Sep. 25, 2019

The new iOS 13 operating system brings a lot of exciting features while causes some problems, just like the previous iOS updates. Some of those problems can be solved with some easy tips and tricks, but some cannot be easily or quickly fixed and maybe you have to wait for the fix from the next minor update.

Although Apple released iOS 13.1, there still be some problems and bugs existed on some iPhone and iPad. The present list of iOS update problems includes some common issues people meet like “Unable to Check for Update” error, and some new errors that iOS 13 and iOS 13.1 has encountered. This article will take you through these iOS update problem, as well as the methods to get rid of them.

Problem 1. Unable to Check for Update

Unable to Check for Update iOS 13 Beta/12.4/12

Unable to Check for Update iOS 13.1/13/12

This is one of most common iPhone update issues while you start to check the new software on iPhone or iPad. And it will jump out an error message, “Unable to Check for Update, An error occurred while checking for a software update”.

And the usual methods to fix this update error is restarting your device or change to check using a stable Wi-Fi network. Sometimes,  you may need to reset the network settings. In addition, you can use iTunes to update the iPhone to the new software. For details, you can read our guide, how to fix “Unable to Check for Update”.

Problem 2. iOS 13 Camera Bugs

iOS 13 Camera Bugs

iOS 13 Camera Bugs

After updating to iOS 13, some users reported that their facetime got a dark front Camera. And some of the users said the Camera even cannot work. Besides, there are other complaints about iOS 13 Camera. And these bugs come since iOS 13 released and maybe the continued new updates will fix them quickly.

We followed the Camera issues and found there are still a few people reported bugs on Camera on iPhone after updating iOS 13.1. For example, @FacelessTechie twitted he got a weird low light on while taking the photo using Camera.

Camera issues in iOS 13.1

Camera issues in iOS 13.1

Problem 3. iOS 13 iMessages Problems

iOS 13 Deleted iMessages Photos

iOS 13 Deleted iMessages Photos

Lots of users went crazy since they found all pictures disappear from Messages conversations after updating iPhone to iOS 13. And this could be a really big problem we found. If you encountered this issue and didn’t create a backup using iTunes or iCloud, you may lose the photos forever. Surely, there are some tips you can try to fix this issue:

  1. Turn on and then turn off Airplane Mode to reset your network
  2. Restart messages app or reboot your iPhone.
  3. Reset network settings. (Settings > General > Reset > Reset Network Settings)

If you have made a backup using iTunes or iCloud, you can follow our tutorial to restore messages from iPhone backup.

Problem 4. Cellular and Wi-Fi Connection Issues

Cellular and Wi-Fi Connection Issues

Wi-Fi Slow speed and dropping from the network are typical problems for iOS users. But this issue got worse on an iOS 13 devices as some users reported.

Wi-Fi Connecting Issue

Wi-Fi Connecting Issue

And this could be quite annoying if you keep trying to connect to the internet and finally failed. So what to do if you catch this problem on your iPhone. We listed 4 ways to fix “can’t connect to Wi-Fi or Cellular” below. If this is a bug, you may need to wait for the next update to fix it.

Way 1: Go to the settings and check out your Wi-Fi works fine or not.

Way 2: If it still not working, you may have to reset your network in Settings.

Way 3: Usually, after you do the steps above and once your device connects the Wi-Fi or cellular network, your device would connect the internet. However, it would last just for several minutes or longer and fail to connect finally.

Sometimes the DNS may crash. You can add a new one like, then your device will come back to life. If it still not works out.

Way 5: You can try the last fix to downgrade to the recent version iOS 12.4.1.

It’s very necessary to take a backup for your data before you remove your iOS 13. Considering you can not restore iOS 13 backups to iOS 12, you should use third-party software to get your data out of your device. (If you have an iOS 12 backup, it would be perfect.)

After the device downgrades to iOS 12, it will restart as a new iPhone. If you have iOS 12 backups, you can restore it from iCloud or iTunes. Good luck!

Problem 5. iOS 13 Abnormal Battery Drain

iOS 13 Battery Drain Fast

iOS 13 Battery Drain Fast

iOS device users have reported their devices are losing power in a weird way in iOS 13. This is really a mess that could drive the owner crazy if the iPhone is on a trip or working. The best way is to update your iPhone software to iOS 13.1. And there are some other potential ways to fix this issue or save battery life on your iPhone.

Way 1: Restart your iOS device and checking out if it performs well.

Way 2: Figure out which app consumes your power the most.

This tip will lead you to the app you may consider to uninstall. If you definitely can’t live without this app, the iOS 13 may not suitable for your iOS device. Downgrade it to the recent version will help you out.

Way 3: Turn on your Low Power Mode which can solve your abnormal battery drain issue.

Way 4: Disable your Widgets.

The more widgets you use, the more power you could lose. Remove from your list will reduce the consumption of your battery.

Way 5: Manage your display.

Manually managing your display’s brightness is less convenient than using Auto-Brightness. However, it would save you power.

Way 6: Raise to Wake wastes your battery life as well. Shutting it down would do a favor to your power saving.

Surely, if you don’t think it wastes you a lot of power, then you can also turn it on to replace the last step.

Way 7: Reset all settings. All the tips above are complicated to you, therefore, you can reset all settings which would be the easiest way to save your battery life.

Way 8: Downgrade to the latest version iOS 12.3 will save your battery.

Problem 6. App Crash Problems

App Problems on iOS 13

App Crash Problems on iOS 13

Apps always run into problems while the newest iOS comes out in a short period. After updating to iOS 13, some users reported some apps constantly crashed. So why this would happen and how to fix it?

Some app developers are still trying their apps to well match the newest system. So, you may keep checking whether your app is the newest and keep it updated. If the app still works badly on your new system, maybe you need to report this to the developer and wait for another update to fix it.

Problem 7. iOS 13 Bluetooth Problems

iOS 13 Bluetooth Problems

iOS 13 Bluetooth Problems

Bluetooth issue is a quite normal problem every time Apple releases a new iOS version. And this time, iOS 13 will ask you to allow bluetooth for some apps. Or it will stop the Bluetooth from working on some apps. This is not an issue. But if you can’t turn on Bluetooth, what can you do to fix it?

Check out whether the device is compatible with your iOS devices. Not all devices could connect to your Bluetooth. Also, changing the distance between the device and your iOS device. If it still not works, try some others.

Way 1: Restart your iOS device. This works on a lot of bugs.

Way 2: Forget the device you want to connect.

After tapping Forget This Device, restart your iOS device. This might correct the Bluetooth issue.

Way 3: Turn off the Bluetooth and turn on again.

Then you can see a new list of devices around you. Choose the one and connect to your iOS device.

Way 4: Reset the device’s network

This step may cost a few minutes. While you finished this setting, the device will load up the default network values. All connections are new. You could use Bluetooth like the first time.

Way 5: Erase All Content and Settings.

If you choose to erase all the content and settings on your iOS device, you will lose all the stuff you owned. So you’d better back up some important data with iCould or iTunes before you tap the button. Everything has been restored to factory defaults after you use the Erase All Content and Settings, therefore, with the automatic settings, you can use brand new Bluetooth.

Way 6: Downgrade to the latest version of iOS. Or wait for the next update to fix it.

Problem 8. iOS 13 Performance Issues

iOS 13 Performance Issues

iOS 13 Performance Issues

Performance issues are including unreasonable reboot, stuttering, crashing a lot, etc. How to fix these bugs while using the iOS 13?

Way 1: Restart your iOS device.

Restarting iPhone would kill most of the issues that you may have met.

Way 2: Uninstall the Apps which are incompatible to iOS 13.

As all we know, apps can not work well if it is not compatible with a new system. With the releasing of iOS 13, some developers are still trying to work their apps out to match the newest system. So you may just wait for a while. Give the app workers some time. If you insist to solve this issue, you can uninstall all the incompatible apps which will fix the crashes, stuttering, etc.

Way 3: Free up storage.

Without enough storage, the device will struggle, stutter either. So if you can not solve this problem by uninstalling apps or restart your iOS device, you may consider to clean up your internal space.

Way 4: Reducing the cache on your iPhone would improve the performance of your device.

Here, you can see where your storage goes. Sometimes, videos and the number of pictures take a lot of space for the device. Therefore, you may make some decisions to clean some files up. Enough storage space will improve your iPhone performance.

Way 5: Clear Browser Cookies & Data

Browser’s cookies and data have taken a lot of storage of your device which also has a great impact on the iPhone performance.

Once you’re there, you have removed all the browsing history, cookies, and other data from Safari which could improve your iOS device’s performance.

Way 6: Shut down the Background Refresh

Background Refresh would consume the battery life and also reduce the performance of your device. Turning off this feature will enforce your iPhone performance.

If this feature is quite important for you to use your iOS device, you can choose some of your favorite apps to use the Background Refresh.

Way 7: Minimize Your Animations

iOS UI animations and transitions are nice touches, it could reduce the device’s performance. Minimizing them could improve the capability of your device.

Some of the features will be disabled like the bubble effect in your messages app.

Way 8: Reduce transparency on your device.

You can improve contrast by reducing transparency and blurs on some backgrounds to increase legibility and also improve the overall performance.

Way 9: Reset Network Settings.

Sometimes network could affect the devices’ performance, therefore, you can reset your network settings to enforce the capability of your iOS device.

If you choose to reset your network settings, you will need the Wi-Fi passwords handy.

Way 10: Downgrade to iOS 12

Problem 9. Touch ID Problems on iOS 13

Touch ID Problems on iOS 13

Touch ID Problems on iOS 13

The fingerprint sensor does not work well on your device, try these tips may fix it.

Way 1: Clean your fingers and try the Touch ID again.

Way 2: A simple Restart can solve the most bugs.

Way 3: Add new fingerprints on your device

After you add new fingerprints on your iPhone, restart your device.

Way 4: If it still not works, you may reset your iOS device.

Problem 10. iOS 13 CarPlay Problems

iOS 13 CarPlay Problems

iOS 13 CarPlay Problems

Some iPhone users reported that CarPlay crashes a lot after upgrading to iOS 13. How to fix it? Try some tips below.

Sometimes, this bug is related to the Bluetooth, you may consider deleting the car’s Bluetooth on your device.

Some users have met this problem too, they tried to turn Bold Text OFF and CarPlay screen comes back. Try it.

If your iPhone turns into a blank screen while using CarPlay, you may need to swipe up your notification and unlock your iPhone.

Problem 11. Notifications Issues on iOS 13

Notifications Issues on iOS 13

Notifications Issues on iOS 13

Notifications are not working since the iOS users have installed iOS 13. Several tips to fix this problem.

Way 1: Restart your iPhone at the first.

Way 2: Turn off your Do Not Disturb feature.

Way 3: Apps notification does not work.

Way 4: Turn on Always Show Previews.

As you were here, the Notification previews will be shown whether iPhone is locked or unlocked.

Way 5: Resetting all settings.

Problem 12. Face ID Problems on iOS 13

Face ID Problems on iOS 13

Face ID Problems on iOS 13

With the new iOS 13 installing, the Face ID doesn’t work occasionally. The company had noted that if the Face ID does not work on your iOS device, you may try to restart your iPhone.

If it still does not work on your device. Maybe you should reset all your settings which could solve the most of problems on iOS 13.

This step will not erase all your data but will swipe the settings you have set on your device.


Even iOS 13  has some bugs, However, it is worthy of a try with lots of new features and performance enhancements. This post is dealing with these iOS 13 and iOS 13.1 issues while the problems are digging out day by day. Therefore, solutions will keep updating. Well, I would love to mention that if you just want to see what is new in the iOS 13 or just like to have a nice dessert before the meal, you may update these on your spare iOS devices. If you got any problems or tips for bugs, please share it in the comments.


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