How to Combine/Merge Different Backups from Two iPhones Easily


How to combine two different iPhone backups so that you can restore in new iPhone? Read on this post to make it clear how to combine/merge two different iPhone contents with ease.


October 27, 2016

by Yuri

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AnyTrans – Merge Contents between iDevices with Ease

AnyTrans – Professional iPhone Manager

Download AnyTrans on your Mac/PC to merge content between your iPhones without efforts after reading the specific instructions bellow.

"I have two iPhone backups from two different phones. Both iPhones are mine - one is an older iPhone with old contacts I used to use. Anyway, I have iTunes backups for each phone, and I'd like to be able to combine aspects of each backup so that I can consolidate them onto one phone. Is this possible?"

--- Asked By Users from YahooAnswer

Generally, if you have two separated iTunes accounts and the backups are in the separated accounts, it is very difficult or impossible to combine the two iPhone backups. However, if the backups are both in one iTunes account, it is possible that you can combine two different iPhone backups. But this will make your devices are in danger of data loss permanently.

To help you have a safe combination between two iPhone backups, here it is recommended that you may have a try AnyTrans, which enables to merge contents between iDevices without data loss, and it will skip the duplicate data automatically.

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The Highlights of AnyTrans You may Like

Built-in with latest iOS data management technologies, AnyTrans supports merging contents between iDevices in a safe & reliable method. With it, you have the power to:

Combine/merge two iPhones' content such as Contacts, Music, Playlists, Movies, Ringtones, Voice Memos, TV Shows, Music Videos, Home Video, iTunes U, Notes, Message, Calendar, Reminders, Call History and Apps.

Selectively remove data from your original iPhone to the target iPhone with few minutes and can also merge all data between two iPhones without data loss.

Merge contents between two iPhones on the basis of retaining the target iPhone data and you will have no worry about the system settings info implantation.

How to Combine Two Different iPhones Content Via AnyTrans

Still have no AnyTrans on your computer? Download and install it on your Mac/PC to merge contents between iPhones by following the detailed instructions:

Step 1. Open AnyTrans on your computer > Connect your two iPhones > Select one iPhone as the original device > Click Merge Content button on the Homepage of AnyTrans.

How to Merge Contents between Two iPhones– Step 1

How to Merge Contents between Two iPhones– Step 1

Step 2. Select a target device and then click right arrow on the right side.

How to Merge Contents between Two iPhones– Step 2

How to Merge Contents between Two iPhones– Step 2

Step 3. Select files categories you want to merge and then click right arrow on the right side to start content merging.

How to Merge Contents between Two iPhones– Step 3

How to Merge Contents between Two iPhones– Step 3

The Bottom Line

With the help of AnyTrans, you can merge the content between two different iPhones without data loss. On top of that, it also enables to transfer files like music, photos, videos, messages, notes etc. to Mac/PC/iDevices only one-click. Why not download AnyAnyTrans and have a try now?

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