How to Fix iPod Won't Sync with iTunes


Read some tips to fix your iPod won't sync issue or get one iTunes alternative to sync iPod touch/Classic/Shuffle/Nano without iTunes.


Jan. 25, 2016


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Question, "Although I upgraded to the latest version of iTunes, I still can't sync my iPod touch on my Windows 10 PC. Anyone can help me? Very annoying. It's a iPod touch 5 generation in iOS 9."

When syncing iPod with iTunes on your Mac or PC, you may unfortunately go into the situation just like the above question described "iPod won't sync". And if you searched on Google, you may have found this issue happened not only on iPod touch, but also on some other iPod, such as iPod Shuffle, Nano and Classic, and even an iPhone or iPad.

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After searching and collecting online, we found this kind of iTunes sync problem can be caused by a variety of reasons, such as bad Wi-Fi/USB connection, computer authorization and iCloud music conflicts. In this post, we give you some basic tips to fix iPod won't sync problems and offer one iTunes alternative for you to easily transfer data between iTunes and your iPod.

Tips to Fix iTunes Can't Sync iPod touch/Nano/Shuffle/Classic

We have posted one article for iPhone users to fix iTunes won't sync iPhone before, and we think some tips are also be helpful for you to solve this iPod sync issue.

  • Check USB and Wi-Fi connection and reconnect your iPod to computer.
  • Turn off iCloud Music Library (iTunes Match) on iPod touch and iTunes. For iPod touch: go to settings > Music; for iTunes: Edit > Preferences > General.
  • Turn off "Show Apple Music" on iPod touch and iTunes. For iPod touch: go to settings > Music; for iTunes: Edit > Preferences > General.
  • Restart your iPod, iTunes and computer.
  • Re-Authorize iTunes on computer by going to iTunes > Store.
  • Update iOS and iTunes to latest version.
  • Run iTunes in Administrative mode in Windows.
  • Uncheck "Read Only" and change permissions of the files you want to sync by right-clicking the files > Properties > Uncheck "Read Only".
  • Fix your Windows computer registry errors by using some registry repair tool.

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How to Transfer/Sync from iTunes to iPod or from iPod to iTunes

Actually some iTunes alternatives can do the job to sync songs from iTunes to iPod when your iTunes won't work. And sometimes these tools can do better than iTunes, for example, AnyTrans can transfer data from computer/iTunes to your iPod without erasing iPod existed songs, and it even help you copy specific songs from iPod touch back to iTunes/computer, which iTunes can't do. Below, we show you the simple 3 steps to use AnyTrans to make it.

Step 1. Download AnyTrans to Mac/PC, install and run it. Connect your iPod to computer via USB cable, and click after AnyTrans recognizes your device and loads all data on your device.

Sync iPod touch without iTunes – Step 1

Sync iPod touch without iTunes – Step 1

Step 2. Click Audio > Music to manage songs on your iPod.

Sync iPod touch without iTunes – Step 2

Sync iPod touch without iTunes – Step 2

Step 3. Click "+" button at the top-right corner, find the songs you want to transfer, and click "Open" to get them to your iPod.

Sync iPod touch without iTunes – Step 3

Sync iPod touch without iTunes – Step 3

By using the buttons on the top-right corner menu bar, you can delete songs on iPod, transfer songs from iPod to iTunes/computer, and move songs to another iOS device.

The Bottom Line

You may have some other methods to fix your iPod won't sync problem, or you haven't solved this iTunes sync issue after following all tips above. Whatever, you are welcomed to comment, share and discuss your idea on this post.

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