How to Fix: Your Account Has Been Disabled in the App Store and iTunes [2022 Updated]

Are you facing Your account has been disabled in the App store and iTunes error? Go through this quick guide as here we come up with several solutions you can try to fix this error.

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You are trying to download an app from iTunes and it keeps saying “your account has been disabled in the App Store and iTunes” and you can’t sign in with your Apple ID. No matter how many times you enter the correct password of your Apple ID, you still get the same message. It is truly a very frustrating error and it may mean that your Apple ID is unavailable. Here, in this guide, we will tell you how you can fix this error, along with what are the probable reasons behind the error.

Why “Your Account Has Been Disabled in the App Store and iTunes” Error Happened

There can be various reasons why you are going through this annoying error and below we have mentioned all possible causes:

  1. Entered your Apple ID password incorrectly too many times in a sequence.
  2. Not using your Apple ID for a very long time.
  3. Billing issues such as an unpaid App Store or iTunes order.
  4. Apple thinks your ID was hacked by someone.
  5. An Apple charges dispute your credit card.

How to Fix “Your Account Has Been Disabled in the App Store and iTunes”

Let’s explore all possible fixes to resolve this error. You can try the below-mentioned fixes one by one and maybe the error gets fixed for you with ease.

Fix 1. Unlock your Apple ID

When you enter incorrect passwords too many times, your Apple ID gets locked for security reasons automatically. That’s why you are not able to log in to any Apple services, such as iTunes and App Store.

Once you are able to verify your identity with Apple, your account gets unlocked. And you can do this with the help of iForgot. You can find it on your iPhone: Go to Settings > Your Name > iTunes Store and App Store > Tap your Apple ID > Tap iForgot. Then follow the instruction and unlock your Apple ID with your excising password or reset your password.

Unlock Apple ID with iForgot

Unlock Apple ID with iForgot

For Two-Factor Authentication:

If you use two-factor authentication, your trusted device or trusted phone number is required in order to unlock your Apple ID. You can also get the methods to unlock Apple ID without a phone number >

For Two-Step Verification:

If you use two-step verification, your recovery key is required. If you forgot the recovery key but remember your Apple ID password, you can create a new recovery key and all you have to do is to move to your Apple ID account page, log-in with your password and trusted device. Then, go to the Security section and tap on “Edit”, click Replace Lost Key”.

Fix 2. Sign-in via a Browser

Another thing you can do is try to sign-in into your App Store or iTunes account from Chrome, Safari or any browser on your system. If you still face the same error, then wait for at least 8 hours and then, try again to log in to any Apple service and see if the error still persists or not.

Fix 3. Check Restrictions

Check and see if the restrictions on your iPhone are enabled or not. Users often use restrictions on your to turn off in-app purchases so that others can’t make any purchase on your account. Here are the steps on how to check if restrictions are enabled:

Step 1. On your iPhone, go to the Settings move to “General” settings.

Step 2. Next, click on “Restrictions” and here, you need to enter your restrictions passcode to turn off it.

Fix: Your Account Has Been Disabled in the App Store and iTunes via Check Restrictions

Check Restrictions

Fix 4. Log out and Log in the Apple ID

Sometimes you can fix the App Store problem by relog into your Apple ID. Here are the detailed steps:
Step 1. Go to Settings > Your Name > Tap Sign Out at the bottom of this page.

Step 2. Enter the password of your Apple ID to log out.

Step 3. Then re-enter the Settings interface, log in your Apple ID.

When you have re-signed in your Apple ID, try once again to see if you can download apps now.

Fix 5. Contact Apple Support Directly

The last thing you can do is to contact Apple directly as it is not easy to solve the problem over the phone or in online chat when your Apple ID has been disabled. Trust is not a factor when it comes to Apple employees and Apple IDs. So, here are the steps on how you can contact Apple directly:

Step 1. Go to the Apple Support Website and then, choose Apple ID.

Step 2. After that, select “Disabled Apple ID” and now, you can set up a call with an Apple employee, start an online chat session or email Apple support.

Fix: Your Account Has Been Disabled in the App Store and iTunes via Contact Apple

Contact Apple Support Directly

The Bottom Line

Those who have encountered with annoying “your account has been disabled in the App Store and iTunes” error, they can refer to this guide. Here are some of the solutions to fix this error you can try with ease. However, if you have any more doubts, then you can ask in the below comment section.

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